Anthem Takes Another Hit, As Latest Bug Has Caused Consoles To Shut Down Completely

As if things weren't already terribly discouraging for Anthem, it has come to light that BioWare's newest release has been causing consoles to shut down during gameplay.

The new looter shooter has been the subject of numerous complaints, from unreasonable loading screens to framerate issues. However, this latest bug doesn't just force the game to close, but it has also been crashing consoles completely.

Several angry players have taken to Reddit to vent and there are even fears of consoles getting bricked.

PlayStation 4 users have reported getting errors, with one gamer specifying it as CE-36329-3. PlayStation's website identifies this code as a system software error.

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Meanwhile, Xbox One users have also experienced connection issues, framerate trouble, and random crashes.

Consoles aren't the only devices experiencing this issue, either. A Gamesradar writer is reported as having bought a new power supply after the game crashed his PC and caused it to enter a power loop. Other PC users have expressed similar outcomes.

"Are you also looking into crashing on PC? The game was running really well for days then all of a sudden I started getting unplayable FPS drops and consistent crashes within 30min of starting the game (every time)," a Reddit user posted. "I was troubleshooting for around 6 hours straight and nothing I tried on my PC helped."

While BioWare hasn't fully addressed the issue, lead producer Ben Irving has confirmed that they are looking into it.

"We are looking into crashes," he posted to Reddit. "It sucks you are having this experience."

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All of this is sure to cause even more damage to the game's reputation. Gamers were already staying away from Anthem due to all of the negative reviews, but PS4 users are now demanding refunds from Sony in the wake of this new crashing issue.

It's amazing that so many things have gone wrong for BioWare's Anthem. The title was one of the most anticipated releases of 2019, but it appears to have sorely disappointed many gamers and it's beginning to feel like they might not be able to save it in time.

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