As Expected, Anthem Is Getting A Massive Day One Patch

BioWare already has a massive day one patch for Anthem.

To say that Anthem has gotten off on a rocky start is a bit of an understatement. Numerous bugs and other issues have popped up, making the game a bit of a chore to play.  Thus, it’s not particularly surprising that BioWare already has a massive day one patch for the game.

It does seems a bit inaccurate to consider this a “day one” patch, as the game has been available to play for EA Access and Origin Access subscribers for some time now. This patch will coincide with the game's official release date, and will attempt to cover the many issues that the game has had thus far.

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Many of these issues have proved to be significant hurdles for many to have fun with, or even play the game. Some issues have been somewhat amusing, such as a way for lazy players to earn XP and loot by simply spinning the camera. Other issues, such as loading players straight into the final boss fight having not had much experience otherwise, are much more disruptive and potentially game breaking. This patch hopefully will help correct many of the problems Anthem players are currently dealing with.

According to the patch notes released by EA and BioWare, there's a pretty beefy list of fixes and improvements being made. Loading times are to be decreased, with one particular high-level fix claiming to correct an issue that caused "many infinite loading screens." In terms of game bugs, a figurative eternity of loading screens might be one of the most nightmarish issues that one could possibly imagine.

Other problems that the day one patch hopes to clear up include fixing numerous issues that have caused the game to disconnect or straight up crash, making sure challenges unlock for properly leveled characters, and ensuring that various stats relating to weapons and gear are being displayed. On top of these issues, the patch notes also go over a bevy of various UI and general game improvements that will hopefully make Anthem a more stable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Even with these improvements made to the game, Anthem still has a bit of an uphill battle to climb in regards to being a successful game for BioWare. The early reviews are somewhat tepid, which is likely not something that EA wants for a game that's supposed to be a money maker chock full of micro-transactions. It has also had the unfortunate luck of being released around the exact same time as Respawn's Apex Legends, which has seemingly stolen Anthem's thunder as EA's big February cash cow.

Hopefully, Anthem will prove to be a success for BioWare in the long run. If it isn't, it's likely that EA may decide that the company is no longer an asset to them, and company does have a history of liquidating studios that no longer are profitable enough for them. This would be a true shame, as many people still want another great BioWare RPG.

Anthem releases for everyone on February 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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