Anthem Devs Fail To Livestream Game, Blame Internet Connection

Anthemjust the name of the game strikes up images of chaos and the latest news is no exception. It all began when the devs started their scheduled livestream of The Sunken, a new Stronghold coming to the game later this month - or rather, they didn’t.

The team was unable to stream the game, citing “unforeseen connection issues” and moving the date of the event to April 23, almost a week later.

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For many players, the feeling was all too familiar. So many have struggled with Anthem connection issues that it has become a meme.

It’s not the connection issues themselves that are the real problem, however. Instead, it’s that sinking feeling that something else is going on and the increasingly dire public image of BioWare. Anthem has been plagued with so many issues that players are now constantly skeptical about almost everything they are being told, and this latest debacle isn’t helping matters.

One player even took to Twitter to suggest that the team could record the planned footage and upload it to YouTube instead, or even just write a blog post about it. This suggestion was met with the incredibly evasive reply “We are still planning to do the stream. Just not today.”

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The method of answering the question you’d like to be asked instead of the one that was actually asked certainly isn’t a great way to boost your public image. After all, the suggestion is legitimate and might be a way around the internet issues.

The weekly delay has also led some to speculate about whether the reasons are really legitimate. Over on the Anthem subreddit, some gamers have wondered whether the real reason for the delay is due to the fact that the new content isn’t ready yet or is plagued with bugs. Even those who have defended the team and pointed out that it isn't easy to fix internet issues over a holiday weekend admit that they are doubting the reasons for the delay.

Whatever the reason, it's obvious that BioWare has a bigger problem to tackle: it's image issue. Players are fed up and upset, and it seems like Anthem is fighting an uphill battle.

It remains to be seen what will happen next week, but BioWare must surely be hoping that this latest update can start to placate gamers and turn things around for Anthem.

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