Anthem: Two-Man Team Takes Down Four-Person, Highest Difficulty Stronghold In World First

Two players completed Anthem’s Temple of the Scar Stronghold on the highest difficulty, becoming the first duo in the world to do so.

So, that Anthem Stronghold was designed to be taken on by four players, was it? Apparently, nobody told this intrepid duo, who stormed through (on the highest difficulty) by themselves.

Now, some of us are perfectly content to live vicariously. We’ll watch and read about other peoples’ ridiculous feats from the comfort of our couches. Yes, we’re darn glad that it isn’t us exploring the furthest reaches of the Amazon without even a change of underpants to our name, but we’re also just a little envious at the same time.

What is it that drives people to do absurd things, simply because they can? Why did Josef Todtling want to set the world record for the longest distance pulled by a horse while on fire ("the Austrian was dragged 1,640ft while doing a "full body burn," The Week reported in 2016)?

Why did Ranger Nullific and Storm Takanome want to punish themselves by taking on Anthem’s Temple of the Scar Stronghold on the highest difficulty, becoming the first duo in the world to do so?

Probably because they’re living their very best lives in a way that the rest of us mere mortals could never appreciate. That’s why. Anthem may not have been around for very long (it officially releases on February 22nd, after spending a week in Origin Access/EA Access), and it certainly had a shaky start, but that hasn’t stopped some players from getting frighteningly good, frighteningly quickly.

Anthem- Two-Man Team Stronghold
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Which brings us back to the heroics of Ranger Nullific and Storm Takanome. They took on the formidable Temple of the Scar (an endgame dungeon) as a twosome. Yes, Strongholds are designed to be tackled by teams of four players, and yes, they were playing on Grand Master 3 difficulty, the very highest.

Did they succeed in their impossible quest? Well, this wouldn’t be much of a feel-good story if they didn’t. WccfTech reports that reaching the final boss took around an hour, while the battle itself took an arduous two hours. Nullific stated that cunning use of the terrain and the movements of the enemies themselves got them through the battle.

Anthem players looking to step up their game can check out Nullific’s Argo’s Mace Ranger build over on YouTube. Alternatively, you could just use a shady exploit to gain XP and loot for doing nothing.

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