EA Investigating Reports Of PS4 Consoles Experiencing Crashes Because Of Anthem

EA has confirmed that it has heard the cries regarding Anthem-related console crashes (specific to the PlayStation 4) and is looking into it.

Several reports of consoles - and even a PC - shutting down completely while Anthem is being played have emerged via social media, and there are legitimate fears that the multiplayer title could cause systems to brick, given that some PS4s have required an OS rebuild following crashes.

Some users have even claimed that their consoles would not turn back on right away. EA has since acknowledged being in receipt of reports and it claims to be investigating the issue.

"We’re aware of a crashing issue some of you have been reporting for #AnthemGame," a tweet from EA Help reads. "We’re investigating and ask that you share your crash data reports when prompted. If you have, we’ll be reaching out to gather info; if not, please reply to this thread on AHQ."

via EA

"We are currently in process of gathering information about the PS4 issues so we can determine the root cause," community manager EA_MattR posted in Answers HQ. He then asked for more information from players who experienced the crash, such as the type of PlayStation Console they are using, their PSN ID, and Crash Info.

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Game Informer reports that they have reached out to Sony to request information on the crashes, but no response has come their way as yet. According to some of the speculation going around on Reddit, Anthem is causing a component of the console's hardware to overheat, which in turn prompts the system to shut down as a failsafe and stay off until it cools down. There has been no confirmation of this, however.

In any case, EA has asked players who experience crashes to submit their crash data via the console's OS prompt.

In the meantime, though, it would probably be best for players wait on an update from EA before heading back to Anthem.

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