Anthem Early Access Connection Issues Continue, One Week Away From Official Launch

Despite server connection being necessary for the game to be playable, server issues were present from the day the game went live for early access.

photo via Polygon

The early access version of Anthem, the new online role playing game by Electronic Arts and Bioware, is experiencing server connection issues with only a week to go until its official launch. The game is currently only available to EA Access and Origin Access subscribers via Xbox One and Windows, and requires an online connection to play any content.

Despite server connection being necessary for the game to even be playable, connection problems were present from the day the game went live for early access players. When Anthem dropped for subscribers on February 15th, many players experienced server issues that prevented them from starting missions. Connection problems continued to increase until connection to the servers was lost completely, and the game became unavailable entirely.

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According to Polygon, this is not the first time Anthem has experienced serious server issues. On January 15th, when the VIP Demo launched, players experienced similar connection problems that prevented them from completing missions, as well as infinite loading screens.

According to a statement by EA, the connection problems for both the VIP Demo and the early access version were due to the high volume of players trying to connect at launch, which overwhelmed the servers. As of now, the servers are more stable, and early access players should be able to connect to the game.

Although these server issues are disappointing for early access players, so far EA has been doing a relatively good job of fixing connection problems and helping players who've reached out to them. The issues with the early access version were resolved about a day after launch, while the VIP Demo continued to be unplayable for some players even after changes were made.

Despite the problems, connectivity is being improved, which is part of why online-dependent games like Anthem release alphas, demos, and early access versions. These connectivity issues are definitely not unique to Anthem or EA, and they should, hopefully, be resolved by the time the game is officially released next Friday.

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