Despite Lackluster Reviews, Anthem Hits #1 For EMEAA Sales In Its First Week

Though Anthem has received lackluster reviews, it still managed to top the EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa) charts on its big debut week.

Anthem may have had a problematic launch (and it really, really has), but it’s not all bad news, as it’s still topping sales charts -- well, some sales charts, or rather, one.

Now, we often hear that first impressions are very important. Some people have learnt all they need to know about you within a few minutes of meeting you (no pressure if you’re on the way to a job interview later today), and if that first encounter goes poorly, it can be difficult to recover from.

The Xbox One discovered this around the time of its launch in November 2013, when Microsoft had to reverse some of its policies after uproar from gamers everywhere (the used games thing, for instance). The system was a bit of a PR nightmare when it first hit shelves, and while it can do some neat things that the PS4 can’t, it’s never really troubled Sony’s system sales-wise, and this bad rap out of the gate surely contributed to that.

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This is the sort of situation that looter-shooter Anthem is facing at the moment. It was finally officially released on February 22, and had already irked gamers who had given its demo a shot. It irked them in various creative ways, in fact, with bugs and odd design decisions being rampant. You can forgive people, then, for not ravenously jumping onto the retail version the moment it became available.

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Even with that said, though, Anthem is a big name, and the hype train had been thundering along before it dropped, despite all of these setbacks. As a result, it’s more than staying afloat. Yes, the game hasn’t sold anywhere near the numbers that EA would have liked, but as GamesIndustry.biz reports, it topped the EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa) charts on its big debut week.

So, perhaps you thought that the UK wasn’t interested in the title, because it only sold half as many copies as Mass Effect: Andromeda did on launch. That’s pretty darn diabolical, granted, but it still topped the UK chart, as well as the EMEAA regions.

We also learn from the report that the game fared best on PS4, with Xbox One sales coming in second place. As for PC, that languished in 37th. This is partly due to the fact that EA doesn’t give digital sales data for the Origin store, so those aren’t included.

Armed with this information, can EA claim that Anthem had a chart-topping launch? Well, technically, yes.

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