Anthem Glitch That Lets Players Combine Javelin Abilities Should Probably Just Be A Feature

An Anthem glitch is allowing players to have a bit more fun and make their Javelins more dynamic, if not overpowered.

Although the majority of the issues plaguing BioWare’s Anthem since its launch have been negative, one glitch, in particular, is allowing players to have a bit more fun and make their Javelins more dynamic, if not overpowered.

A Reddit user recently posted a clip of a group of Freelancers taking on a Swarm Tyrant, with the featured player in the video donning the Colossus Javelin suit. Everything seemed normal, that is until the Colossus jumped into the air. All of a sudden, the mech shot forward with a massive burst of lightning, slamming directly into the Tyrant.

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If you are playing Anthem and using the Colossus Javelin as your primary suit, you know full well that anything resembling this ability is not available to you. Rather, the Spark Dash (as it is known) is only available to Interceptor Javelins.

So how did this happen? It turns out that an in-game glitch is being exploited, allowing players to take on the abilities of other Javelins. According to the various posts within the Reddit thread, this can be achieved by entering the Forge and equipping the Interceptor as your Javelin. Exit the Forge and re-enter, selecting the Colossus Javelin, then immediately start rapidly pressing the escape button when the blue ring appears. The process may take a few tries, but if performed properly, the Interceptor’s charge attack will be added to your Colossus’ list of devastating abilities.

There is a catch, however. It seems that PC users have had the most success with the glitch, with some suggesting that it only works if the game is installed on an HDD, rather than an SSD. There were no reports of console players being successful with the glitch, but the Reddit post was locked from further comments, coinciding with Reddit’s terms that state: “Any posts that in any way enable or seek help with exploits or cheating will be removed.”

The glitch will likely be fixed in an upcoming patch, but we wonder if it should be. Class-specific abilities are a standard staple for games like Anthem, but perhaps that is something that could actually set the game apart from other games like it (*cough* Destiny *cough*). Javelins could still have their pros and cons, but in terms of actual abilities, a balanced point buy system could make the game more dynamic with the number of customizations that players could have.

For now, we will just have to settle with the Javelin-ability system already in place. Hopefully, the glitch is at least fixed before any kind of PVP mode is added to Anthem.

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