Anthem Is On Sale Already, So That More People Can Buy It And Tell Critics They're Wrong

Just over a week after its highly-anticipated launch, Anthem has already gone on sale.

The so-far problematic title, which is a product of BioWare's initial wading into the multiplayer universe, has seen no end of criticism. Of course, the game has its fans as well, with many players claiming to enjoy it with no issues at all. However, the general feeling is that it needs a bit of work.

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The complaints range from unreasonably lengthy loading screens to connection issues and crashes. As of last week, gamers reported that the game was causing their consoles to shut down completely during sessions.

Well, there's already a discount to be had if you don't have Anthem yet and, while it's not much, this is a bit odd.

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Anthem can now be purchased for $49.97 from Amazon, just over $10 less than the original price. This only applies to physical copies of the standard edition for PlayStation 4, as digital copies remain the same price.

It's not often that a video game gets discounted so soon after its launch, especially not when it's a top title and comes from a major studio - although prices for PC games are often adjusted during launch windows at Steam marketplaces.

What makes this even stranger is that the price drop isn't BioWare's doing. In fact, it is all due to Amazon.

Meanwhile, PS4 owners are reporting that Sony has been issuing refunds for the game since it has been causing consoles to crash.

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"Sony is aware of the issue and is offering a complete refund on Anthem, no questions asked," a Redditor claims. "Took me 5 minutes."

Things haven't been that great for BioWare as it pertains to Anthem's release and it certainly did not expect to have such a turbulent period following the game's launch. However, it does seem committed to taking player feedback into consideration and is trying to making positive changes.

Whether or not gamers will be patient enough to stick around and wait it out will be the biggest challenge, however.

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