Anthem Patch Will Supposedly Make Javelin-Specific Loot More Common

Anthem Loot Update

Here it is, Anthem players. If you’ve wanted a little more Javelin-specific loot in your life (which you have), this could be the patch for you.

Now, nobody’s saying that it’s easy to launch a high-profile game. The hype train will have been barreling along for months on end, the anticipation will have reached fever pitch, fingers will be poised over keyboards to complain about such-and-such… it’s a real minefield. If we’re talking about a sequel, then that’s even harder. Comparisons come into the equation then, too.

What we will say, though, is that Anthem’s launch has been particularly… what’s the word we’re looking for? Tempestuous, perhaps? It’s been as dramatic and farcical as a soap opera plot, as everything from the loot system to the restrictions preventing players from flying too high attracted criticism.

It’s been a rough ride, as BioWare itself admitted in a recent candid blog post. Nevertheless, the developers remain optimistic about the game’s future, and committed to the cause. Which means an increased focus on identifying and addressing the major gripes players have with the game.

First and foremost on that list? Getting the loot system right. For a looter shooter like this, there can be nothing more important. The situation has become so dire that players have made avoiding terrible loot a game in and of itself, so surely the only way is up from there?

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Well, the team have taken a couple of shots at getting this right, having limited success. A few weeks ago, daily Legendary Missions were implemented as a way for players to get their hands-on better loot without a long and tedious grind. Stronghold chests and Stronghold bosses were also supposed to have an increased chance of more and better loot as of patch 1.04, but that didn’t work out quite so well in practise.

Fixing the whole thing is a process, it seems, and today marks the next stage of the operation. As PC Gamer reports, a new update started rolling out today, which is intended to dramatically reduce your chances of picking up loot for Javelins other than the one you’re currently using. “If you’re playing Storm you should almost always get Storm components or Universal components,” global community manager Jesse Anderson reported on social media.

Alongside that, the patch will also make Elysian Cache loot show up instantly when a Stronghold is complete. Baby steps, perhaps, but BioWare are working to rectify the situation. Just… slowly.

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