Anthem Players Have Made A Game Out Of Avoiding Poor Loot

Hardcore Anthem players have actually turned avoiding poor loot into a game, according to Kotaku.

The loot complaints have been endless since, well, people want good loot. However, some gamers are steering clear from the shiny goodness now, as a lot of it is deemed to be useless and not worth the trouble.

That would not be a problem if loot could be picked up and discarded at will but, in Freeplay or Stronghold missions, you're only allowed 50 items; and once that number is reached, you can't snag any more stuff, nor can you drop anything until you get back to the Forge to see what items you have.

As such, high-level players keen on picking up rare items have been leaving slots open while nimbly trying to avoid low-level loot and pick up bits that are worthwhile - which come in the form of orange pyramids, not the purple or blue ones.

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Videos shared on the game's subreddit show as much, and it's really quite a challenge getting those orange goodies and narrowly avoiding the rest. Of course, it makes for a good laugh too, as players really have to race away after claiming the loot they actually want and some of them aren't afraid to shoot at poor-quality loot if they come upon it.

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Meanwhile, BioWare has released patch notes following the game's 1.0.4 update, which have addressed some of the loot concerns. According to these notes, chests can hand players additional items and crafting materials in Strongholds, Freeplay, and Missions, while Apex creatures (Ursix, Titans, Escari/Luminaries) can also drop more loot. Stronghold bosses will drop additional loot on GM1 difficulty or higher with a chance for more masterwork and legendary items.

The patch also comes with plenty of bug fixes that should make gameplay a lot less frustrating. So, hopefully, the devs will soon have all the main issues ironed out.

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