Anthem Sets Up Public Test Server So Players Can See Delayed Cataclysm Update As It's Being Built


Anthem now has a public test server that will let PC players watch the Cataclysm update as it is developed.

Anthem recently received its 1.2 patch that provided a whole bunch of quality of life improvements. It also fixed quite a few bigs, rebalanced Javelin gear, and added new freeplay features that have thus far been well received by what few Anthem players remain.

However, what it did not bring is any significant content, one of the many things that the Anthem player base has been clamoring for since the game’s release.

The elephant in the room is Cataclysm, the world-shattering event that was supposed to bring something new to Anthem’s flaccid end-game. Originally scheduled for early May, Cataclysm was announced in April to have been pushed back with no release date in sight. Now it’s almost June and there’s still no word from BioWare on when Cataclysm will release.

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But there is at least one thing that PC Anthem players can do to find out. Also announced during the 1.2 patch was a public test server on the PC platform that “will allow you to see the content as it is being developed and gives you the ability to provide feedback."

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The idea seems to get Anthem’s core players into the development process and solicit feedback as changes are made rather than after the fact. BioWare has had a tough time with Anthem’s development with many players calling the company tone deaf to the whims of the wider Anthem community. Having players provide their feedback before a patch goes live would prevent BioWare from making nearly as many missteps as they have in the past.

But one wonders if it’s already too little, too late. Anthem’s player numbers have crashed to the point where high-level missions aren’t filling up to a full 4-member squad, and Microsoft doesn’t even list Anthem as one of its top 50 most-played games on Xbox.

BioWare will host a livestream Thursday afternoon that will update players on the state of Cataclysm and the future of Anthem. We’ll find out more then.

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