Anthem Subreddit Pranks Fans By Transforming Into Division 2 Forum

Moderators of the Anthem subreddit decided to prank their subscribers by changing their banner to a Division 2 image for April Fools' Day. The prank was based on a number of comparisons between the two games that players have pointed out.

Today, the banner of r/AnthemTheGame has changed to a promotional image for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. The browser tab title for the page has also changed from Anthem to the title of Ubisoft's military first-person shooter.

At first, browsers of the subreddit were concerned when they saw the changes, and some even thought that the page had been hacked. However, the moderator team soon revealed that it was a harmless April Fools' Day prank.

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Moderators at r/the_division_2 also decided to join the prank by changing the banner and title of the subreddit to Anthem. The mods also changed the subreddit's description to suggest that it was now an Anthem forum.

These April Fools' Day shenanigans were inspired by comparisons between the two games that have been drawn since it was announced that they would be releasing at around the same time. Although Anthem and The Division 2 have very different settings, tones, and aesthetics, there are a lot of similarities in their gameplay. Both games are connected shooters that emphasize teamwork and exploration, and both games offer live services that add content with each year and season.

The wrapping paper may be very different, but many players have argued that what's underneath is very much the same.

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In fact, the April Fools' Day pranks between the two subreddits may actually be indicative of a larger rivalry between the gaming communities of Anthem and The Division 2. Because of these similarities, some have wondered whether both games will be able to succeed.

Although both games had a little bit of a rocky start (The Division 2 launched with a skill glitch that made the game almost unplayable for some and Anthem caused many players' systems to crash), they've both gained a steady following. At the moment, The Division 2 appears to have a slight lead since it belongs to an already established IP and had live services available at launch.

Whether both games can coexist remains to be seen, but with all of the fun that their communities have been having with April Fools' Day pranks, they both seem to be in good shape so far.

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