Anthem's Latest Update Removes Stronghold Reward Chests Added In Previous Patch


Anthem’s latest update does exactly what players didn’t want: it removed content.

Patch 1.1.1 went live yesterday morning and it was a pretty small one. More like a hotfix if anything. It had several bugfixes for PC and console that in general improved gameplay, but otherwise, that was it. Oh, and it removed the Elysian Caches that were only just recently added to the game.

Elysian Caches were intended as a first step towards Anthem’s end-game content. They were located at the end of Strongholds--larger dungeons with dangerous enemies--and unlocked using keys acquired from completing daily challenges. They mostly contained cosmetic items along with weapon and javelin parts.

It was hoped that they would eventually contain more meaningful legendary weapons, but those hopes were dashed as they were all removed in the most recent patch. According to a community manager on the Anthem subreddit, "They've always been planned as a temporary thing since there was a timer under the challenges. There is a chance that they'll come back again at some point."

Following news that Anthem would miss its April roadmap goals, players are reacting to the Elysian Cache’s removal with anger bordering on rage. Some are calling the 1.1.1 patch a complete joke, while others are simply telling players to stop playing Anthem as a form of protest.

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And it looks like plenty of former Anthem players are taking that stance. Anthem’s playerbase has declined sharply in the 3 months since its release, and Twitch viewership numbers are down to double digits.

One Reddit user made a worrying comparison between the current Anthem patch and the final Mass Effect Andromeda patch just before BioWare stopped supporting the game with added content.

BioWare has remained completely silent on when new content would be added to Anthem. Meanwhile, Dragon Age 4 is now in active development with personnel being taken from Anthem to work on the new RPG.

All of this is a very bad sign for Anthem.

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