Anthem Exploit Lets Lazy Players Gain XP And Loot From Missions Just For Sitting Around

An exploit found in Anthem's Early Access is enough to keep players from being kicked from a mission for inactivity.

Anthem is due to release this week, but Early Access is available now.

While players are coming to grips with the online multiplayer action RPG, one reviewer, GameRevolution’s Mack Ashworth, has discovered an exploit that could have severe consequences at launch.

While reviewing the game in Early Access, he realized that if you hold the right analog stick so the camera spins, it is enough to stop you being kicked from a mission for inactivity. This trick is so simple that just leaving your controller face down on your desk is enough to convince the game that you’re doing your fair share of work to acquire loot and XP.

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While most gamers are honest, there are some who prefer to take the lazy way. To avoid this from becoming an issue, inactivity bans are standard in the vast majority of online multiplayer games. They help ensure that players are earning their loot and experience by playing, rather than by standing in a corner while they grab a soda.

However, with an easy work around such as this which bypasses the standard 10 minute inactivity kick, it could mean a huge amount of players simply not playing their part in missions. This puts extra stress on the remaining team members and makes their game much harder.

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Online multiplayer games rely on team members cooperating. If players frequently find themselves grouped with others who aren’t playing fairly, it becomes very frustrating, very quickly.

The hope is that Anthem's simple exploit will be fixed somehow in time for launch, before it causes widespread issues.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only issue plaguing the Anthem demo and Early Access. The exploit is just one in a string of bugs that players have encountered over the last few days. As well as connection issues, there was also a bug which sent low-level players to the game’s final mission.

With the official Anthem launch coming up fast, players are hoping that EA can pull it together and get the game stable in time.

Anthem releases on February 22 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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