Anthem's Playerbase Is Plummeting, And Its Twitch Viewership Is In The Double Digits

Anthem's Playerbase Is Plummeting, And Its Twitch Viewership Is In The Double Digits

Anthem’s players are leaving the game at a record pace judging by the game’s Twitch viewership.

Back when Anthem was first released, Twitch viewership was measured in the tens of thousands. A month later it was in the thousands. Then in the hundreds. Today it can be measured in the mere tens, and we’re pretty sure that it’s heading towards single digits.Reddit posts from earlier today report Twitch viewership hitting the single digits several hours ago at just 69 viewers.

A lot of the drop in Twitch viewership can likely be attributed BioWare missing their targets on Anthem’s April roadmap. The Canadian developer promised oodles of new content, including a “mastery system, new items, seven new freeplay events, new missions, a new stronghold, leaderboards, guilds, and a weekly stronghold challenge.”

But then during last week’s 1.1.0 update, Anthem producers revealed that the roadmap would be pushed back with no info on when they’d be back on track.

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That proved to be the final straw for Anthem’s remaining loyal players who’ve been abandoning the game at a record pace. Forbes reports that Anthem is now down to so few remaining players that the matchmaker is having difficulty providing players with full teams to perform missions. This is especially difficult for higher-level missions as they tend to be balanced with a full team in mind to support each other. Without full teams, the highest level content might as well be unreachable for most Anthem players.

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But it’s not just the highest difficulty levels that have seen the drop in players. Every level of gameplay is affected as Anthem continues to hollow itself out.

Calls from players on the Anthem subreddit to “turn on the loot taps”--a common refrain due to Anthem’s notoriously stingy loot system--have fallen eerily silent. We may be witnessing Anthem’s final days not a few months after the game’s release. What this could mean for BioWare as a studio is anyone’s guess, but none of the possibilities are good outcomes.

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