AOC's Re-Spawned Monitor Warranty Program Covers Accidental Damage

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Hate buying PC monitors because they always seem to break? Consider AOC’s new “Re-Spawned” warranty.

It never fails. A few months after you buy a shiny, colorful, and ultra-high-def monitor, you spot it: a spec. A tiny black dot that will forever remain, always the same, ever unmoving. It will haunt you for the rest of your days, never revealing whatever color should have displayed in that tiny, almost infinitesimally small mote of space. Small, but as noticeable as a spotlight.

A dead pixel, once spotted, can never be unseen.

For most of us, that's when we'd begin the arduous process of contacting the manufacturer to ask for a replacement, which might mean months of being without a monitor as they take their sweet time verifying that yes, there is a dead pixel. And that's only if your warranty covers dead pixels--not all of them do.

Enter AOC. They've recently announced their "Re-Spawned" warranty for their Agon and G-Series of gaming monitors. This is perhaps the most comprehensive and gamer-friendly warranty we've ever seen, and it's one that's sure to impress.

For the Agon series of monitors, you get 4 years of coverage for dead pixels. The G-Series gets 3 years coverage. But best of all, both get an advance replacement, meaning as soon as you make a claim, AOC sends out a brand new monitor to get you back into the game. The G-Series gets 3 years advance replacement while the Agon again gets 4 years.

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But the most impressive feature of this warranty is the 1-year one-time accidental damage replacement. If you damage your AOC monitor for any reason, they'll replace it once free of charge.

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AOC mentions this means they'll cover a replacement monitor for "acts of God" or "nuclear war." Or maybe you just got really pissed at a certain game and put your controller through the monitor. We've all been there.

This warranty is even retroactive to monitors purchased as of January 1st, 2019, so even recently purchased monitors benefit.

The only downside is this warranty only applies in the US and Canada, and you have to pay for shipping the old monitor back to AOC. That's it.

So next time you need to replace that monitor with a dead pixel, consider AOC. They seem to have a pretty good handle on what gamers really want.

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