Latest Apex Leaks Reveals First Details Of Next Legends: Wattson And Octane

Apex Legends may be a relatively recent release, but its fast-growing popularity has already drawn in an impressive community of modders who check the game's files for hints and clues about upcoming content. According to one of these dataminers, there's good reason to believe that two new Legends will be joining the battle royale soon.

In a tweet posted February 16th, RealApexLeaks revealed two screenshots of code that refer to two characters and abilities that have not been seen in the game so far. The first character, Octane, uses an ability called a Stim Injection (sound familiar TF2 players?). The second character is named Wattson and can deploy an ability called the Tesla Trap.

Obviously, there's not a lot of detail here. Wattson appears to be a scientist and Octane may be a speed-based character, but it's too early to say anything for certain. Respawn has confirmed that they will be following Fortnite's seasonal model, which means new content and new Legends every three months. With the first season set to kick off in March, we may be seeing these two quite soon.

Then again, these may be two characters who were scrapped and not entirely deleted from the game. Datamining isn't a sure thing. Games like Apex Legends have lots of files, and it's easy for stray code to get left behind from early development. One thing you can see from the screenshots is that both characters appear to have a wallrun ability, something that was removed from the game when developers gave up on making it a Titanfall battle royale. Does this mean wallrunning will return to the game with these new characters, is this code just remnants from an earlier development stage, or have these characters been around from the beginning but scheduled to launch with the first season? There's a lot of possibilities.

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RealApexLeaks also found some interesting possible new game modes and cosmetic content. One game mode, called Survivor, seems to feature NPCs that act as commentators and spectators for the battle. There's also solo and duos modes that have been found by another modder, ApexUpdates. Another possible update is the addition of a replay system that will allow players to bask in the glory of their own sick kills.

It's likely that not all of this content will make it into the live game. But, even if these datamined gems aren't sneak peeks, they're still an interesting look at the development process and where Apex Legends could have gone.

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