Apex Legends: 10 Advanced Tips To Saving Your Team As Lifeline

Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends moves very quickly, and there's only one combat medic on the entire roster of available characters: Lifeline. Given her innate abilities, she is often a good start for newcomers, but she can be even more valuable in the hands of an advanced player. With the right tactics, she can transcend her status as a supporting character. Although it is her responsibility to constantly look out for others, surviving the island has always been a team effort. So, here are some advanced tips to save a functioning team with advanced skills if you're a Lifeline main.

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10 Eat Accelerants Early On

Your ultimate is basically a sponsor's drop in The Hunger Games. Your teammates are going to feed you with every Ultimate Accelerant in sight—and early on in the game, you should absolutely take the harassment. Swift opportunities for high-level equipment will definitely save your team at this point. But later on, everyone probably has the equipment they need, after various confrontations and multiple looting sessions. Don't forget to swap out those accelerants for equipment and ammo that you need, because the care package only becomes more noticeable as the ring shrinks. Keep an eye on the ultimate's availability, because it's extended cooldown makes it easy to forget. And always share the items!

9 Don't Give Away Your Position

Do everyone a favor, and know when not to use your Care Package. Mind your teammates! If someone is injured, it's good practice to avoid drawing the attention of every squad in the area until everyone is healed, especially late in the game when the ring may have forced you into a bad position. Watch your fellow legends' movement; if they're taking care to be stealthy, they may be preparing for an ambush. Perhaps they spotted an enemy and forgot to ping. Oh, and if you've had to respawn someone's banner, that's a good time to drop the Care Package. They'll be helpless and useless otherwise, and the dropship makes sure your position's blown anyway.

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8 Reel Them In

The Care Package is frequently used for normal looting, and it takes fifteen seconds to drop, but its visibility isn't necessarily a weakness. It's also a terrific piece of bait. The enemy finds it hard to resist when they're given a target that spells out exactly where your squad is. All you have to do is assume an ambush position, spam with grenades to cut them off, and lay waste. Gibraltar's ultimate is a good pairing for this strategy, carpet bombing an enemy that isn't thinking defensively. On that note, always try to effectively combine teammates' abilities with your own, regardless of your main. Lifeline's shield doesn't protect her head, so she could really use Gibraltar's protective dome against grenades and enemy carpet bombings.

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7 The Best Defense

Lifeline's Care Package can also be used offensively, even later on. Use it to block doorways and close off an exit before pushing. In tighter rings, it might actually crush an enemy if there's little elbow room. If you're in a similarly tough spot, you can use the Care Package to climb to a position the enemy may not expect you to have access to. In an emergency, it can always be used defensively. If there's no cover in sight, it's an automatic shield, and it's great for cutting off choke points this way. Also, it's always been a good way to restore a high-level body shield that would otherwise require serious shield cells or a battery, both of which cost invaluable time.

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6 Droning On

Always ping your health drone when you use it. Even if that may seem obvious, sometimes your teammates won't even notice that their health is down, particularly if they haven't lost much. If you're using it during a firefight, they're definitely too distracted, and a ping can serve as a great wake-up call. In certain situations, it's relatively easy to push DOC around where you want it. If you move slowly enough, you can even tug it. Like the Care Package, the drone's glow and noisy presence also make it a revealing magnet or effective bait. If you're feeling lucky, use it to draw in enemies for an ambush when you've got full health.

5 Handle The Ring

Lifeline is uniquely suited to allow her team to survive longer outside of the zone. That is, until later in the game, when the ring causes damage more quickly than her drone can heal. But if you've just decimated an enemy squad, let your team know they can loot up by dropping your drone within range and pinging it. As far as they know, your ability may not have cooled down yet, and they will needlessly hurry. After you've been caught up in a closing ring, always remember to heal your teammates—and again, ping it. They usually panic and waste their syringes right away instead of paying attention to you.

4 Designated Reviver

It goes without saying that Lifeline should be reviving everyone at any appropriate moment. She can complete the revive process faster than anyone else, and, with her shield, she can innately block incoming fire. But don't forget to direct your shield towards the enemy before settling into your Pulp Fiction reenactment. Yet again, the shield glows bright and attracts enemies who want to secure the kill. So, only heal in the open when absolutely necessary. It might even help you to wait a moment before reviving a bleeding teammate and let the enemy lose track of you before you commit. If you're teamed up with randoms, ping for noobs to crawl towards cover. You were a rookie once too, and besides, people don't always use common sense.

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3 Wait Out The Banners

If both of your teammates have just been demolished by a superior enemy, don't go all John McClane on them. Particularly if the ring is closing in, which is when many confrontations occur; usually due to an ambush because someone was lagging. Lifeline can retreat, heal with incredible speed, and use her drone to wait it out. Sometimes, the orange will convince the enemy to move on. Or, once you've had the opportunity to get full up, it's really effective to lure the enemy away and circle back around to swoop in for the banners. Of course, you can always try to spam them with grenades while they're looting, but a 1-v-3 is usually a bad idea.

2 Combine The Drone With Cells

During a heated firefight, it's useful to drop the drone while you're reloading your shield with cells or a battery. It's always a lengthy process, and, of course, you would be taking cover. But if an enemy starts lobbing grenades or moves in for the kill, you'll have one extra little moment that can mean the difference between life and death. Usually, it's better to hang in there during a fight, providing cover for the team. Lifeline gets some slack there since she burns through cells 25 percent faster than other legends. But, if your teammates are fine and an enemy is descending upon you to secure the kill, don't use your drone. That will only give the enemy an emergency health boost.

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1 Pick A Lane

There are two approaches to Lifeline during a shootout. Given her small hitbox and healing abilities, she has the freedom to be very aggressive while remaining effective. Alternatively, you can hang back and secure a fallback position that your teammates can resort to after getting into a confrontation. Select the guns that will best support either strategy. Also, revives often get interrupted, so it might be a good idea to have an EVA-8 automatic shotgun on hand. If you’re hanging back, use the Longbow or other long-range weapons, and remember to keep an eye out for scopes. But always be consistent, so that your team understands how to approach subsequent enemies.

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