25 Awesome Things Everyone Completely Missed In Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a smash hit and there is no doubt about that.

The game is fast paced, offering a more visceral experience than most battle royale games while retaining some of the fun aspects of the ones that came before this title.

All-in-all, Respawn Entertainment has done a good job with all of the work that their team put into this awesome game and they deserve all the credit for making the game such an outstanding hit. They also need to get credit for the amount of detail that they put into this game, which even goes beyond some of the awesome details in the game background.

There are loads of different hints, easter eggs, and even parts of the lore that are sprinkled into the game. From making some of the most infamous creatures from pop culture past or just getting a glimpse into the future state of this multiplayer game, there are so many to choose from when nailing them all down to one list. Some of these might even seem obscure, but that is how crazy these details are when it comes to the game.

Seeing as Apex Legends will be here to stay it must be noted that updates can come along and make these different.

On the other hand, some of these entries could be the key to those updates that could come, let us take a gander at some hidden details in the game.

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25 Summoning Mythical Creatures Like Yami Yugi

Via: Dot Esports

To start off with the most popular detail that (most) players missed, this is one of the Nessie plush toys that are scattered across the map.

Try summoning the monster for yourself!

There are ten of these located on the map, and if the player can manage to find and shoot all of them without getting wrecked by a try-hard, a large Lochness Monster type creature will emerge from the water and prompt an onscreen message that urges the player to go back into the circle. This is both a reference to the long-running easter egg in all Respawn titles and the original Lochness Monster picture that brought up rumors of a huge aquatic monster. Try summoning the monster for yourself!

24 Remnants Of A Forgone Past?

Via: Screenshot

A lot of people have been able to see that there is an island in the distance but what a lot of fans of the game have not realized yet is the distant skeleton of an unnamed deceased animal in the distance. Seeing as we just covered the monstrous Nessie in the last entry, it could be safe to assume that this is the remnants of one of the mythical creatures that may have gotten beached or poached. It is definitely a strange addition to the aesthetic, seeing as the location cannot be visited...yet.

23 These Wars Ain't In Space

Via: Inverse / Screenshot

This might seem trivial but we cannot take away any of the supposed pop culture references from any game and if this one is any indication of a movie reference then it is to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. In the movie series, there is a large class of robotic vehicles that resemble the way an animal looks and walks, in this case, whatever the animals are that are seen by the player at sea bear a close resemblance to the Star Wars vehicles. It is truly a stark resemblance that has no real explanation but it is a good homage to the legendary George Lucas tales.

22 "Pulling Up In The Whip" Coming Soon To Apex?

Via: Screenshot

Seemingly trivial, there is a name that is plastered over each of the white SUV vehicles that are scattered across the map. It may seem like a small thing, but Apex Legends will probably feature drivable vehicles in an upcoming patch and this will be a testament to the power that these cars will have. The word Samson itself is a reference to the famous bible storyline that saw the powerful Samson do feats of strength as long as he had his long hair. It could be said that the power that will be seen in the game with the cars will dissipate as they get destroyed or the character gets out. Only time will tell if this is just a simple lore addition or a true testament to what the vehicles will do.

21 It Can't Be Dolph Ziggler, Can It?

Via: Screenshot

Upon visiting some of the areas in the swamp section of the game, one can find a shack that has been labeled as “DZ Tools.” The only name that can come to mind is the WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, but there is a very small chance that the "Show Stealing" wrestler will make an appearance in the game. Still, this is a small detail that could have some pretty crazy repercussions in the long run for the lifespan of the title.

20 What Type Of Garbage Is This Trash?

Via: Screenshot

In a crazy piece of lore, there are unknown characters placed on some of the trash bags in the game. This may seem like it is a pointless detail but it adds to the locale of the game. Many players have speculated as to what the world of Apex Legends is based on and if there is any sort of explanation then it would probably be found in the fact that many objects in the game feature different languages on them. This could be a hidden easter egg that the developers put in the game. If anyone could translate this, that would be a great service to us! This could be a seriously impactful easter egg.

19 K-Pop Vending Machines... Literally

Via: Screenshot

Upon looking around the marketplace section of the map, the player can find a few vending machines scattered around the area. The vending machines are seemingly in Korean but feature a couple of tasty beverages for sale. The strange thing is that the currency used for this is also Korean, which directly contrasts with the language that is spoken by the characters in the game. This might just be a nod to the popularity of large vending machines in South Korea, but it is just a flat out crazy detail that has very little purpose... for now.

18 So Many Languages

Via: Screenshot

Finally, there are Chinese characters featured on the cardboard boxes lying around the map of Apex Legends. Why is this crazy? Well, now that means that there are over four languages in the game (including the native one that is selected in the main menu). This puts the mystery of the locale of the game even higher up in the air, with the only explanation being that this is situated in a future where languages are mixed together.

17 Could There Be A Heist Going On In Apex?

Via: Screenshot

It may seem presumptuous to think that something as small as a couple of knocked over servers can provide the story to this game, but this is a speculative look into the world of Apex Legends and the crazy details that the gamers have missed. This is something that definitely went over the heads of a lot of players as battle royale maps are keen to be changed through updates but it would appear as though as there seems to be some sort of servers being stolen from the site in some sort of Payday 2-type scenario.

16 Time To Get Medieval

Via: Screenshot

Melee weapons are always an interesting opportunity for game developers to spice up their titles while providing a new way to get some awesome eliminations. If Fortnite: Battle Royale is anything to go off of, we cannot underestimate any of the small details in the game that can be a possible preview into the future state of the game. Upon visiting one of the bunkers, the player can find a hammer on a cart adjacent to the wall. Seeing as this is the only seemingly usable object in the entire game that cannot be picked up, it could be a teaser towards some throwable or swinging melee weapons.

15 A Classic Reminder Of A Different Time

Via: Screenshot / Emupardise

There are usually a ton of references to older games in the modern era of video game design just to pay tribute to some of the games of the past. Apex Legends is no different and whenever the player is landing in an area in the initial drop, they can see the altitude and drop speed numbers on the side. This bears an UNCANNY resemblance to the heads up display in the 1990 Nintendo Entertainment System game Top Gun, based on the 1986 movie of the same name.

14 Hope Is A Dangerous Thing

Via: Screenshot / IMDB

Speaking of subtle nods to other franchises and movies, there is seemingly another reference to an old movie. Only this time it is the 1990s Stephen King-adapted classic The Shawshank Redemption. Upon visiting the Runoff section of the map, one can find a sewer drain that goes all the way from the inside of the giant facility that vaguely resembles a large prison, complete with a large chain link fence. Seeing as the other draining facilities on the map does not feature this attention to detail and planning, it can only be assumed that this is a homage to the classic.

13 Enriching What, Exactly?

Via: Screenshot

Strangely, there is a logo situated inside one of the facilities on the side of the map, next to the Southern shore of the map. The sign reads “Ingot: Enriching Your World.” Just exactly what this means is unknown at this time, but this could be the name of a possible villainous group that will come into play during a live event later on in Apex Legend's lifespan. It might seem very early to start guessing as to what will come next, being prepared for what could be a gold-stealing group could be important for the players.

12 These Shrooms Don't Give Shields


Now mushrooms are not uncommon in video games. Whether they are being eaten to increase size in the Mushroom Kingdom or used as means to get some extra shields in the Fortnite: Battle Royale island, they are almost always usable in each game they get featured in. Currently, there are shields in the game but they seem to be a much more practical type of shield, closer to armor. While Fortnite might feature some glowing mushrooms, this just might be the only reference to their biggest competitor on the planet.

11 An Oracle For This Game

Via: Screenshot

A small detail with a large piece of lore attached to it, upon looking around in the edge of the map by the entrance of the entire island, there is a tunnel that is blocked off with rubble. Inside the rubble, however, there is a small robot with a blue light that resembles the oracle from the Halo series, but with a triangular design. The player can destroy the robot for a small amount of loot, but seeing as the story of Apex Legends is that each game is broadcasted in the in-game world, it is probably a recording robot of sorts.

10 What A Moment

Via: Screenshot

Inside of the Artillery section of the map, the player can find a logo that is plaster on the south side of the building that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Kodak Film logo. The large K is characteristically covered in the iconic bright yellow and red color scheme and with the logo being one of the most well-known ones in pop culture due to its usage in photography and film, there is no doubt about this one. The only question is why they would make such a trivial reference to this real-world company. It could also be coincidental but with the design being almost exactly like the one it is seemingly based on, it just seems to ridiculous.

9 Some Sketchy Notes

Via: Screenshot

Upon going to the Ingot Factory on the eastern side of the map, the player can rummage around the building to find some scattered documents. From magazines to folders all the way to the notes and posters inside the locale. One of the most notable additions of all these little tidbits are the notes that are on the ground. Of these, there is this one which depicts a crude drawing of some people in a field. What does this mean? Your guess is as good as ours.

8 More Sketchy Notes

Via: Screenshot

On another note, adjacent to the last one that was mentioned in this list is a huge petition that is laying next to the other notes. The names that are scribbled on the sheet are barely legible, but it is clear that they all have very sophisticated handwriting. This kind of trait is usually reserved for the highly-educated, which means that this may be some evidence towards who ran the island before the game's events started.

7 Wait, Even More Notes??

Via: Screenshot

Finally, there is one more sheet of paper that is laid out on the floor of this area. This one, in particular, is very alarming. The paper itself seems to be some sort of legal document or form. This is the kind of document that the FBI or CIA would use. At first, it may seem like no big deal but upon one quick glance, it can be seen that the document features blacked-out text. Historically, governments and kingdoms have blacked out parts of their documents that detail wrongdoings or socially unacceptable science experiments. This could be huge for Apex.

6 A Classic For Respawn


The Lastimosa Armory in the game is a classic reference to the concept artist at Respawn Entertainment; Ryan Lastimosa. The name is seen plastered on the sides of the walls in the area, but it also holds a reference to the character Tai Lastimosa from Titanfall 2. It is unknown how it ties in with the Titanfall universe as of now, but it could prove to be more than just a wild tie into the other game. At best, this could mean a huge crossover event is in order for the future as it appears in Apex Legends.

5 Who Is This Guy?

Via: Screenshot

Found on some of the air-conditioning machines and other vague machinery scattered around the map of Apex Legends, the brand Werneck is seen on the logo of some of these machines. Werneck is a civilian company in the Titanfall universe, and only further serves as a tie-in with the world of Apex Legends and just like the inclusion of the Lastimosa Armory, could be a testament to a possible glance into an upcoming crossover event. Respawn Entertainment know what they are doing by including all these references, and this just adds more fuel to the robot-powered fire.

4 They Call It Robot Love


Something almost instantly picked up by a lot of gamers was the similarities between the character of Pathfinder and Bastion from Overwatch. It would appear as though as the makers of Apex Legends also saw this and even added a subtle reference to the visual connection between the two smart robots. In a small picture for Pathfinder, there is a picture of Pathfinder guiding some birds in the sky. For most Apex Legends players, this is just a funny coincidence, but the fact is that this is a reference to the small bird on the shoulder of Bastion; Ganymede.

3 Oh, Hi Doggie

Via: Screenshot

There seems to be a bit of a climbing mechanism in the world of Apex Legends that opens up the floodgates for many easter eggs to be tucked away in difficult to reach spots. Evidence of this would be a plush dog that is on a cliff in the southwest area of the tutorial area. It takes a bit of platforming to get to the bear that is situated by itself upon the wall, but if the player can, they will be treated to an adorably out of place detail that adds a cuteness to the tutorial map.

2 Security Forces Unseen

Via: Screenshot

Earlier, we covered the fact that Werneck and Lastmiosa were terms and companies used in the Titanfall universe that Respawn created. Something that is unexplained, however, is the inclusion of the word Trydent on some of the security carts around the map. This might be a sinister secret to the world of Apex Legends seeing as it is rooted in a seemingly seedy underbelly of a criminal-ridden world. Trydent security could be a corrupt security corporation that surveys the map, and that might provide a piece of storytelling that we have yet to even get close to uncovering.

1 A Huge Change Coming To Apex (Probably)

Via: Screenshot

Even though the Mirage character is capable of providing holograms that resemble himself, there has yet to be an invisibility ability in the game as of the writing of this article. It may seem strange, but there is a reason for this premonition. Close to the Eastern part of the map, the player can find a room that has magazines spread out on the floor and down the hallway. On one of these magazines, there is a headline for a supposed “invisibility gadget” that renders the user unseeable. Seeing as Respawn Entertainment has been adamant about how there will be more characters and updates, this is probably the preview of the next one to come.

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