Alleged Apex Legends Cheater Unbanned After One-In-A-Million Shot


An Apex Legends player has been unbanned after a one-in-a-million shot was proven to be a fluke and not an aimbot.

You gotta see this shot, made by pro Apex player Ottr. After descending into the bunker, Ottr lands on a stairway and then spots another player below him. He does a quick hop onto the stair railing, spraying bullets from his R-301 assault rifle, and then just at the end manages to blow the other guy’s head off with an apparently lucky shot.

What happened next made it seem like Ottr wasn’t just lucky. Aware of Apex Legendsproblem with cheaters and the way that his crosshairs just happened to intercept his opponent’s head right at the end of his clip, Ottr nervously asks his Twitch viewers to not clip what was ostensibly an amazing kill.

But of course they did, and one of them posted it to Reddit with the title "apex legends streamer caught aimbotting on stream in tournament.” This resulted in a manual ban from a Respawn developer.

Only Ottr wasn’t actually cheating. There’s an interesting interaction with vaulting while firing that just makes your aim going absolutely nuts, and particularly causes the recoil to increase to the point where your aim shoots upward far faster than it normally would.

Ottr responded to the Reddit thread accusing him of cheating to explain that interaction with a demonstration video and even admitted that his alt-tabbing right after the kill was just so he could make his own shot video clip himself. He even made a subsequent video explaining precisely what happened in the first clip, admitting it was a “one-in-a-million” shot.

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Unfortunately, that didn’t come out fast enough to prevent a ban from a Respawn dev. Luckily, Ott appealed to a higher power, Respawn senior designer Chin Xiang Chong. Chong looked at the video, saw that there was no aimbotting, and unbanned Ottr so he can continue in the APL.

Now we can appreciate Ottr’s shot for the brilliant play that it actually was. And maybe next time Reddit won’t be so quick to launch into a witch hunt, but probably not.

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