Apex Legends Bans More Hackers And The Cheaters Don't Know What To Do

Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale that launched in February of this year. The game has had enormous success, amassing 10 million players in under 72 hours and growing steadily ever since. While the ever-increasing figures are great for the game, an increasingly large player base also comes with an increasingly large unsavory element: cheaters.

Not everyone gains their victory in King’s Canyon fairly, but Respawn appears to be doing a great job of bringing down the ban hammer on those who give themselves an unfair advantage, and boy, are they whining about it.

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Coming up against cheaters is incredibly frustrating in a game like Apex. Those who use hacks, aimbots, and other cheats alter the level playing field, which Respawn has worked so hard to create, and cause immense annoyance to those who wish to play a fair game. It makes sense, therefore, that the game's developers would focus on ridding the game of hackers and cheaters. However they are doing this, it appears that their efforts are paying off, as cheaters have taken to online forums to complain about it.

When the game first launched, reporting cheating was difficult, as players had to use the EA Website to do so. With the recent addition of an in-game reporting function, as well as some anti-cheat software, it appears that cheaters are starting to feel, well, cheated.

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Reddit user terere posted a screenshot from a hackers forum full of people complaining about being banned for cheating. Not only are they upset about being banned, they are complaining because every new account they create gets almost immediately hit with another ban.

Whatever anti-cheat system Respawn is using, it certainly appears to be doing its job.

Further screenshots show other players talking about workarounds to the ban. It appears even these are temporary, with many only managing a few hours of play time at most, before they get hit once more with the ban hammer.

The pinnacle of justice in action is an epic tale recounted by SaladinsSaladbar, which tells of a YouTuber who was stupid enough to stream his cheating. Reddit users quickly alerted Respawn to his antics, and he was faced with a succession of bans over a couple of hours, leaving him completely unable to play the game.

If you find a cheater in Apex Legends, you can alert Respawn by using the in-game reporting system. It seems like, once caught, they don't pose much of a problem anymore. Justice is served.

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