Apex Legends Battle Pass Pays For Itself If You Play Enough

Battle Pass

Apex Legends’ new Battle Pass is an incredible value and even pays for itself by the time you’re done.

March 19th is a bit day for Apex Legends. We get our first new Legend of the game, Octane, with high-speed powers and regenerating HP. We’ve got the first big patch which should squash some of those lagging bugs. And best of all, we get our chance to buy the game’s first Battle Pass.

In case you were wondering just what exactly a Battle Pass is, it’s essentially a bundle of extra loot you can pay for now to make progress in the game extra sweet until the season is over. Every level you gain during the season unlocks more and more rewards--far more than what Apex would give you if you just played normally.

In fact, if you play enough, the Battle Pass will even pay for itself.

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Apex’s in-game currency is called Apex Credits, and generally you get 1,000 Credits for $10. You can get a better deal for buying in bulk or being an EA/Origin Access subscriber, but that’s the general conversion from game to real-world money. The Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Credits to acquire but can provide you with 1,000 Apex Credits by the time you’re done. That means, the Battle Pass can actually pay for itself over time.

You get Apex Credits as level rewards at 14 Battle Pass levels from 7 to 97. So by the time you hit level 97, you’re making a profit.


But it gets even better. One enterprising Reddit user ran the numbers on all the other rewards you get from the Battle Pass, including Legendary Skins, voice quips, and Apex Packs. They found that by the time you finish the Battle Pass, you’ll have unlocked the equivalent of 7,790 Apex Credits worth of stuff. That’s huge value.

Wild Frontier Skins
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Even if you get the Battle Pass Bundle which unlocks the first 25 levels for free, then you’re still getting your money’s worth (although you won’t get your money back as the Bundle costs 2,800 Apex Credits).

If you’re an Apex fan, then you might as well get the Battle Pass. It’s just more stuff practically for free.


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