5 Useful Tips For First-Time Apex Legends Player (& 5 That Seasoned Players Might Not Even Know)

Apex Legends has been cementing a spot as one of the most iconic Battle Royales so far, and it only seems to be getting better. There's been a constant influx of new players since release, and a game as complex as Apex is going to be difficult to jump into now that a lot of players have a pretty firm grasp on the game. That said, there are some things that even the most experienced players can do to improve, too.

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Here are some general tips to either get you started with Apex or to help bring you to the next level.

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When starting out in Apex, it's easy to be intimidated by the ring. While the ring is the driving force that engineers a lot of the fights in Apex, the first ring or two shouldn't necessarily make you panic. If there's still a few buildings to loot, keep looting; as long as you've grabbed a few syringes, the ring isn't going to pose much danger. If your squad has a lifeline, the ring poses almost zero threat for quite a while. Make sure you've got all the gear you can get, then move on.


Lifeline's Ultimate Ability brings in a supply drop for your squad. The thing is, it generally attracts quite a bit of attention, especially if dropped into a visible location. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between a normal map drop and a Lifeline drop by looking at the map to see if there are any blue circles where it's landing.

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Keep this in mind when using Lifeline's Ultimate; you can either drop it into a place that's probably not going to attract many eyes, or you can use it to bait a team into an ambush.


It can be tempting when starting out in Apex to gravitate towards using the best weapons right out of the gate, and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you aren't finding success with those weapons, just use what you like. There will be plenty of time to learn each and every weapon in the game, and if something isn't working out, switch to something that is. Once you've got some decent experience, you'll want to make sure you're at least familiar with the best stuff, but the most important thing is ensuring that whatever weapon you're using is a weapon you're going to succeed with.


Apex is a game that requires a good fundamental grasp of the movement mechanics to play at a high level. Sliding, vaulting, and climbing are all ways to get into the best position quickly and before the enemy has a chance to anticipate your actions. There are a lot of players out there that play this exactly like they would Battlefield or Call Of Duty, so the better you are at running circles around them, the more success you're going to have.


The circle, or the ring, is the name of the game of Battle Royale. It is the single most important mechanic and should be one of the most integral guiding factors in just about every decision your squad makes. Good circle movement is going to get you a lot of wins, and even the best gun skill isn't going to give you a big advantage if you're caught in the wrong spot.

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Move smart, and move quickly.


Don't sacrifice good circle position just because you're getting antsy. A lot of players abandon a dominant position just to go engage in a fight. The goal of a game like this should be to ensure you have the advantage in as many fights as possible. This doesn't mean cower in a building and camp, but it does mean be smart about when and where you engage.

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If in order to engage, you're going to have to move to a spot that is in a worse circle position or moves you into a place where you're likely to get ambushed, then it might be time to reconsider.


Ninety percent of teams in Apex run at every gunfight they hear. What this means is that the longer you're in a gunfight, the higher the chance another squad is going to jump into the fray. Keep your options open throughout the fight, and keep an eye on the circle, always. If the fight's been a standstill for a long time, odds are another team is about to join in, further decreasing your odds of success. There's no shame in retreating to a better location if you have the opportunity, especially if the circle dictates the decision.


It doesn't matter which member of the squad picks up a teammates banner, once it's been picked up, anybody in the squad can revive the fallen comrade. In fact, if the coast is clear, the quickest method is to send one teammate to the banner while another starts running to a respawn point from the get-go.


If you've played Apex long enough, then you've seen a door get blocked by a death box. What you may not have seen is a door blocked by a Caustic gas canister. Sure, the enemy can kick open the door relatively quickly, but once that door is open, there's no way for them to safely dispatch the trap before it goes off.

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Another neat trick can be accomplished with Octane. Throw a jump pad right inside the doorway of a building that you're going to be hanging out in for a while. Any enemy that runs in is going to get a surprise when they launch into the ceiling, and you'll get an advantage while they try to recover.


Above all, coordinate with your team. Even if you aren't on mics, Apex has an awesome pinging system that allows you to share a lot of information with your team about what you see, and about what you're doing. Stick together, and make sure you're all on the same page. A team of average-skill players that are all coordinated and plan well are generally going to beat a team of high-skill players that lack coordination.

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