Apex Legends: The Best Gun For Every Situation In Season 2

From the Kraber’s ability to down an opponent in one shot to the meme-worthy Mozambique, every gun in Apex Legends has a purpose.

Yes, even the Mozambique.

Drawing on hundreds of hours of gameplay, here’s TheGamer’s take on the best guns for every Apex combat situation - at least as far as Season 2 is concerned.

Trapped in a House and Blindly Hip Firing: The L-Star EMG

Overall, hip fire is surprisingly accurate in Apex. While aiming down sights increases accuracy, it usually takes a split second to aim — and that split second that can make or break a player’s ability to win a fight.

In a situation where players might be up against Caustic traps, Bangalore smoke and grenade spam all at once, an L-Star EMG is a strong choice. Although it’s harder to control than most of the other weapons in the game, each shot is extremely powerful. Shoot it in bursts to conserve bullets and control recoil.


Alternatively, the Spitfire, with its steady fire rate and high damage per round, is a solid option for players with lackluster aim as landing even a few bullets can do significant damage. Those with stronger aim and movement skills may prefer the speedier R-99, good for lasering unsuspecting opponents.

Be sure to equip extended mags, have plenty of ammo and find places to take cover to reload. And, in close quarters, shotguns can quickly finish the job when an enemy’s damage is low.

Dropping on Someone from Behind: R-301

Choose guns that operate well at close- and mid-range. The R-301 is a strong choice, particularly with a barrel stabilizer and a scope to improve the chance of hitting characters like Octanes and Pathfinders whose abilities allow them to quickly reposition. Scopes such as the 2x HCOG "Classic" or a 1x - 2x Variable Holo Sight offer improved targeting without fully limiting a player’s field of view.

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A Devotion with a Turbocharger gives players an edge in this situation as well. With no charge-up time, a seasoned player can take out an entire unsuspecting team within seconds with this weapon.

Running at Somebody, Rambo-style: R-99

When teammates are downed and there’s no hope but to Leeroy Jenkins into a fight, players need weapons they can keep steady while jumping and sliding.

As this is a close-range battle, the weapon should be easy to control and quick to fire. An R-99 is the best choice, but an Alternator with a Disruptor Rounds hop-up works too as it allows a player to rapidly break enemy shields. Similarly, a Prowler with a Select Fire to run full-auto gives players a chance to deal a lot of damage very quickly.

A close-range Digital Threat will allow a player to hone in on the enemy hiding behind cover or in Bangalore’s smoke.

And, while it’s not always a good idea to hold multiple close-range guns, a Peacekeeper is an excellent finishing gun on any enemy already low on health. A Mastiff is strong here, too.

Tryharding by Focusing on Headshots: Kraber .50-CAL

It’s typically a good idea to aim for headshots no matter what the situation. But, a tense moment of combat isn’t always the ideal time for a player to ensure they’re lining up the perfect headshot.

Positioning is vital when going for headshots. If a player has both height advantage and some distance, the Kraber .50-CAL is a solid option, though it requires excellent aim and has a relatively long delay between shots.

Otherwise, find a Skullpiercer and equip it to a Longbow or Wingman. The Longbow is an excellent gun at long range while the Wingman is a better option for mid-range shots. Scopes increase accuracy, particularly a sniper scope affixed to a Longbow.


Of course, there’s little that's more satisfying than getting a trio of Mastiff headshots for the win. Players confident in their abilities to take on sweaty, close-range fights should seek one out before heading into an endgame battle.

The Early-Game Trash Gun Rampage: Alternator

A few short weeks ago, the P2020 and the Mozambique were the only guns players avoided at all costs. The Alternator and the RE-45 Auto were only slightly better. Prior to Season 2, the RE-45 would have been the top choice due to its rapid-fire pace.

However, the recent addition of Hammerpoint Rounds and Disruptor Rounds significantly impacted the early-game gun meta.

Due to a low clip size and low damage, a P2020 alone will barely make a dent in an enemy. Sans hop-up, the Mozambique can feel impossible to aim, with the added headache of a reload every three shots. 

But, with Hammerpoint Rounds, which do bonus damage to unshielded enemies, a few solid shots with either of these can off anyone who hasn’t had a chance to grab shields or has already had them knocked off by nearby players. 

Between the two of these weapons, the Mozambique is more likely to take a player down at close range.

Similarly, the RE-45 and Alternator with Disruptor Rounds deal bonus damage to shields, to the extent that some seasoned players now carry them into the endgame. Even after a recent nerf, the Alternator leads the way as it's versatile at medium range even without the hop-up but brutally effective once it's equipped.

Unfortunately, players won’t always find these hop-ups off the bat. When limited to these four gun options without the hop-ups, knock down the opponent’s health with the light ammo weapons and then use the Mozambique to knock the enemy down in one or two shots. And if you miss? Well, that's why there's melee.

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Because Apex weapons are situational, players shouldn’t fear switching guns and attachments throughout the game and experimenting with weapons in Training Mode. But as for which gun will help players shoot down all those code:leaf errors? Unfortunately, TheGamer can’t help with that one.

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