Apex Legends: The 10 Best Squad Combinations For Season 2

Comparative mastery of Apex Legends' core shooting mechanics largely decides the outcome of most battles. But the subtle differences and unique skills between the different legends are absolutely crucial when it comes to determining the victor among evenly matched squads, particularly in late-game gunfights. Likewise, the right skills can ensure a properly formatted team has a stronger start over the others.

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TheGamer has tackled the best squad compositions in Apex Legends before. But going into the free to play battle royale's first and second seasons of content, new heroes have appeared on the roster to create better, even more powerful combinations of skills that are sure to shake up the established meta. Here are 10 of the best so far, so grab your squad and see which one fits for you!

10 Field Hospital (Lifeline, Caustic, Wattson)

This set up is all about locking down an area (preferably a building) and keeping the team topped off with health and shields. People might say camping's not a legitimate strategy, and most of them are going to be the players that came up against this defensive lineup.

Between Caustic's traps and Wattson's fences covering entry points, opponents will be discouraged from making their way inside. If they decide to risk it, saying that the squad's going to know about it is an understatement. Meanwhile, Wattson's pylon will keep everyone's shields charged, and Lifeline's drone will keep the squad healthy.

9 Run And Gun (Wraith, Pathfinder, Octane)

Mobility, mobility, and more mobility. This is the absolute dream team when it comes to map coverage and high-speed relocation. Your opponents will be lucky if they can even pick a direction to shoot in.

Wraith can scout ahead and leave portals between key points, or sneak them into flanking routes for the whole team to take advantage of. Octane can dip in and out of combat as necessary with his stimulants, while both he and Pathfinder are able to get the team into practically any available and advantageous high ground position.

8 Toxic Brick House (Caustic, Wattson, Gibraltar)

A slightly more offensive spin on the "Field Hospital" concept, this lineup swaps Lifeline's heal drone for Gibraltar's dome shield, providing another layer of defense and bringing his heavy-hitting ultimate into the mix.

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Some would balk at the idea of losing Lifeline's healing capabilities, but the team's still able to replenish their shields with Wattson's pylon. The dome shield limits the opponent's approach even further, and his defensive bombardment will push enemy teams away from their position. If they're smart opponents, anyway.

7 Smoke And Mirrors (Bloodhound, Bangalore, Mirage)

This squad pick is all about knowing where the opponent is long before they know where you are. Bangalore's smoke sets the stage, obscuring the opponent's vision or masking the squad's position as necessary. Bloodhound, apart from being able to track the enemy's position, can use his ultimate to engage opponents that are obscured in the smoke.

If Bloodhound's ultimate isn't ready to go, then Mirage can step up to the plate by sending decoys into the smoke to bait position-revealing shots out of the enemy team, providing everyone with an approximate location to focus suppressing fire.

6 Heavy Artillery (Bangalore, Gibraltar, Wattson)

Talk about controlling the battlefield! This loadout combines two of the biggest, baddest ultimates and combines them to create a truly intimidating situation for enemy squads unlucky enough to encounter them.

Both Bangalore and Gibraltar pack artillery barrages that will either scatter the enemy or subject them to massive punishment. Launching them back to back is demoralizing enough to encourage opponents to think twice. Wattson's pylon brings some wonderful utility to the party, protecting her teammates from grenades and recharging their shields as necessary.

5 Spot & Flank (Octane, Bloodhound, Pathfinder)

The goals here are very simple and work well in application. Find the opponent, secure a superior firing position, and engage them at the worst possible moment. The worst possible moment for them, that is.

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Between Bloodhound's passive tracking and ultimate, the squad should be well apprised of nearby targets and where they're headed. Octane can either catch them, flank them, or head them off, and Pathfinder can get the squad into any high ground near the engagement locale.

4 Mobile Fortress (Wattson, Pathfinder, Gibraltar)

Playing defensively doesn't necessarily equate to camping, after all. This combination tries to enjoy the best of both worlds, taking defensive heavyweights and putting them on the move.

Though Wattson's fences are always useful, this set up revolves more tightly around the combination of Gibraltar's dome shield with Wattson's pylon to create a sort of buffer zone for squadmates to take shelter and recharge their shields. Pathfinder's zipline ensures that it can be established wherever it is needed.

3 Heavy Movers (Gibraltar, Wraith, Caustic)

The idea here is to take Apex's beefiest, tankiest characters, and to put them where the opponent least expects them to be. Or most importantly, where the opponent definitely doesn't want them to be.

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Pathfinder works as a swap for Wraith in this instance, and has the benefit of being much more vertically mobile with the zipline. But Wraith's tunnel is generally preferable as it keeps your tanky big boys out of harm's way during transit, preventing them from soaking up too much punishment before they're right on top of the enemy.

2 Bunker Busters (Octane, Caustic, Bangalore)

This team is built for one thing, and one thing only: hurtling towards Bunker at top speed and getting the strongest start possible. Being geared towards maximum effectiveness the minute their feet touch the ground, this can also work in Skulltown, but Bunker's a better bet.

Octane's speed boost will get him to the guns faster, Caustic can ward off those following with gas traps, and Bangalore can contribute to the scene's chaos with smoke grenades while the team focuses on getting armed and mowing down the early competition.

1 Classic (Bloodhound, Bangalore, Lifeline)

Sometimes, the tried and true formula is just what the doctor ordered. And it doesn't get much more tried nor true than lining up Bloodhound, Bangalore, and Lifeline to go after the win.

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Bloodhound and Bangalore work together as expected, with Bloodhound tracking and targeting through the smoke. Lifeline, naturally, keeps the squad well equipped with care packages and ensures everyone's health is full between fights with her healing drone.

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