The 5 Best Apex Legends Skins (& The 5 Worst), Ranked

Skins in video games are a great way to reward players for playing the game, either through loot boxes or some other reward system. They’re cosmetic changes that can add a bit of extra flair to every character. Some can connect to a specific character’s lore and others can just be a stylish change to their base design.

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In Apex Legends, no character has any shortage of different skins for the player to earn or buy. While most just serve as alternate colors, others give characters an entire makeover. Those are the ones that will be discussed in this list. These skins are recognized as being legendary items in the game, so they must be pretty great, right? Well, that isn't always the case. Not every skin is made equal. It’s just as common to feel disappointed when receiving one of these as it is to love it.

10 Best: Imperial Warrior (Bloodhound)

This skin adds quite a bit of flavor to Apex’s resident tracker. Decked out in armor that makes him look like a traditional samurai, there’s a lot of detail that you can appreciate. The tassels swaying along the edge of his hat and the chain mail undershirt are nice touches. The blue with the gold trim also looks really nice.

The best part about it is the insignia on his chest plate, that looks to be of a dragon or some kind of serpent. The only thing that’s missing is a sheathed decorative sword sitting right on his hip. Might as well go all in with the look, right?

9 Worst: Peak Performer (Lifeline)

Lifeline’s rarer skins are, to be blunt, either pretty bland or mix too many barf-worthy colors together. Peak Performer accomplishes both of these things. The mustard-colored pants with the silver top just ain't doing it. And while you’re at it, why not add a burgundy undershirt to replace her signature surgical mask?

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Then you've got all the green and purple wires hanging from her hips, with the boots that look like they’re sprouting legs of their own. It’s just not a great skin all around. It must hurt to be a Lifeline main opening up an Apex Pack and seeing this abomination of a skin.

8 Best: Ride or Die (Gibraltar)

Simple and sleek, this skin makes Gibraltar look like a new man. This skin does justice to his codename of Shielded Fortress without making him look extra bulky to do so. The smooth frontside surface of his armor does wonders for this. The use of earth tone colors conveys his persona of being an unmovable mountain quite well.

Apex Legends is rather ambiguous when it comes to real life equivalents of each character’s heritage, but the markings on his loincloth and especially the carving on his shield are a very nice touch. It’s quite possibly the closest thing to a perfect skin, in relation to the character donning it.

7 Worst: London Calling (Lifeline)

Lifeline really got the short end of the stick when it comes to skins in the game. Admittedly, this skin isn't really that bad, but what puts it on the list is its similarity with her other more basic skins. Most legendary skins in the game at least have some noticeable aesthetic differences from the common ones. With this skin, the differences are minor or even negligible.

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She gets a different tattoo and a few new doo-dads here and there like a different belt buckle, but overall it looks exactly the same as her normal skins. The same goes for the ‘Organized Anarchy’ variant as well. They certainly don't provide the same kind of variety that something like Overwatch's rarer skins give you.

6 Best: Blackheart (Caustic)

No other character skin (besides the alternate variant of this one) captures the predatory aspects of Apex Legends like this one. Decked out in animal fur with a mask that looks like a golden skull, this skin makes Caustic look like he’s thoroughly ready to hunt down his prey. The black and gray with the light accents of gold help to bring attention to his mask which will probably be the last thing you’ll see before he takes you out with a finisher.

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The skin's menacing appearance serves his superiority complex and cold, calculating nature well. It's got the boots with cleat-like spikes similar to Lifeline's Peak Performer skin, but that's really its only drawback.

5 Worst: Dark Side (Gibraltar)

And then there’s this one… Take all the good qualities of Ride or Die and just throw them out the window with this skin. The face paint is kind of cool if you’re a fan of the band Kiss, but overall the skin is just incredibly unappealing, mostly because it feels like it’s trying much too hard.

The smooth roundness of the armor that complimented Gibraltar as a gentle giant character is replaced by whatever purpose (if any) those tubes lining his chest serve. Circles with little key slot-looking decorations that look like they’re ready to turn and release a tube full of glowing, futuristic liquid cover his armor. And then there’s the shield. If those holes don’t fire lasers or something, then why are they there?

4 Best: Gold Rush (Octane)

Octane has to have some of the best names for his legendary skins. As fitting as Speed Demon is, the sleeker design of Gold Rush wins out here. The motocross helmet feels right at home on Apex’s #1 speedster and he rocks the jacket that complements it.

The best part about this ensemble is his name written across the back of his jacket. Probably one of the most stylish skins on this list, it captures his need for speed and the flashiness that comes with his playstyle in the game perfectly.

3 Worst: The Liberator (Wraith)

Wraith has one of the coolest base designs in the game. This skinhead skin just isn't very visually appealing in comparison. It does reflect her time as an inmate of the detention facility she was in, but that doesn't make the skin any better.

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A skin as unappealing as this one that just reinforces the perception of her just being another run-of-the-mill 'dangerous' person is doing more of a disservice to her character than anything.

2 Best: Angel City Pacer (Pathfinder)

This skin is nothing less than a complete upgrade to Pathfinder’s base frame. Not only is it super sleek looking, but it also bulks up his otherwise skinny robot skeleton. Just look at those thighs! They look like a robot version of Chun-Li’s.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but this skin looks really good and it’s only rivaled by its Quicksilver variant. Even the smiley face displayed on his chest plate demands greater attention in this skin, with the way it’s framed. Your eyes then easily flow over the rest of the smooth framing before ending up at Pathfinder’s feet. Just an all-around great design.

1 Worst: Apex Overdrive (Bangalore)

Compared to Bangalore’s other skins, this one looks absolutely goofy on her. The most glaring issue here is the facemask. She’s just not a facemask type of girl. It looks really silly. Then there’s the bulky looking armor on her suit. Her other skins don’t really feature a lot of heavy looking armor.

A couple of kneepads and elbow pads, at most a chest plate or some Kevlar. She does more with less and it looks really good on her. All the extra plating on this particular skin just makes it looks like she’s over-cautious, which goes against her character as someone who follows their survival instincts. It’s just such an unfitting and laughable skin.

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