Common Apex Legends Bug Seems To Be A Bloodhound Problem

One common Apex Legends bug appears to be affecting gamers who play as Bloodhound.

You know when you're in the middle of an epic gaming fight and you whip open your medkits to quickly heal up? Well, Apex Legends players are often sadly disappointed when they open the Health Kits menu, as it has been completely blank -- and that's going to hurt in a battle royale game.

Hundreds of users took to Reddit to complain about the issue or upvote it on the Apex Legends subreddit, saying that it happens often. Not only is it common, but it also seems to affect multiple platforms as well. Many players report that the bug happens while playing Bloodhound. One player said it is an annoying experience to try to heal up rapidly when the heads-up display doesn't show what items are available.

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It seems the only workaround is to have a good memory of where items are located and how many there are. Some players bragged that they always know, while others said they've had to work on their memorization skills. Luckily, if you do know where the items are, they do still work -- it's just really hard to find them.

A bug in Apex Legends via Reddit

Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Apex Legends, has been quiet about the issue so far on Twitter. However, it's very likely that it not only knows about the problem, but that it is also implementing a fix. It doesn't want to frustrate its community with game-breaking bugs, especially because Fortnite -- one of its competitors -- has a great reputation for patching its own bugs quickly.

While we can acknowledge that Apex Legends is fairly new (it was released officially in early February), it's still not a good sign that game-breaking bugs are continuing nearly two months after release. This is a key time for games to shift from flash-in-the-pan hits to long-sustaining franchises with loyal audiences. If game-breakers come along at this stage, when players are starting to hop on in hopes that the platform is stable, Apex Legends could risk losing those newer followers. So, let's hope that the bug gets fixed quickly.

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