Apex Legends: The Complete Guide To All The Characters

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game developed by Respawn. It's a truly fresh voice in the Battle Royale genre that's been stuck in a bit of a rut for a while now and does a lot to push the genre forward.

For those unfamiliar with Apex Legends, you play as one of eight Legends (characters), who each have their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. These aren't all just little abilities that you'll hardly notice, either; they are make-or-break, match-defining abilities that you'll need to be familiar with if you want to earn the title of Champion.

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Bloodhound is currently the only Tracker-type Legend in the game, and because of this, he's got some strengths that are utterly unique to him.

Passively, Bloodhound can see footprints left by enemies made anytime within about a one-minute period. This is helpful in avoiding ambushes, and the perfect way to stay on the tail of an enemy team. There are a couple of other pieces of intel you can gather with this ability, too. Bloodhound's first active ability is a scan that reveals a snapshot of the area around you, notifying you of any enemies nearby and showing their location at the time you activated the ability.

Lastly, Bloodhound's Ultimate ability increases your movement speed drastically and allows you to see enemies through cover within a pretty wide radius. Overall, Bloodhound excels at gathering as much intel from the surrounding area as possible, and when used right, will help keep his squad a couple steps ahead of the enemy.


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Gibraltar is a slower, defensive-type Legend who, when used right, can be a lifesaver to any teammate around him.

Passively, Gibraltar gains a Gun-Shield that appears in front of him while he aims-down-sights. This helps keep him engaged in medium to long-range gunfights longer, and gives him the advantage. Gibraltar's first active ability is a Dome Of Protection, which is a shield large enough to fit your whole squad in, if need be. Gibraltar's Ultimate ability calls in a mortar strike on a targeted location. This is a great way to push a squad out of cover, keep them split up, or trap them in a building.

Gibraltar is at his best when he's near his teammates. His large profile makes him a much easier target to hit, keeping fire off of them and enabling them to do what they need to.


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Lifeline is a Combat Medic and, trust me when I tell you, is loved by her teammates when used well.

Passively, Lifeline activates a shield wall to protect her and a teammate while she's reviving them. She can also revive teammates faster than other Legends and can use healing items 25% faster. Lifeline's first active ability is a D.O.C. Healing Drone that heals a teammate's health bar while they're close to it. This ability can save you an incredible amount of healing items that you might need in a pinch. Lifeline's Ultimate ability calls down a supply drop that contains high-quality defensive gear, attachments, and healing/shielding items.

Lifeline is as close to a must-have Legend as the game has right now. There is absolutely no drawback to having her on your team; just be careful about giving your location away with the supply drop.


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Pathfinder is a Forward Scout, capable of helping your team decide where exactly they should set up and can create more efficient ways to get there.

Passively, Pathfinder can scan a survey beacon to locate the next ring's location. This is an invaluable tool in helping your team set up in the best possible location before other squads have a chance. Pathfinder's first active ability is a Grapple Hook that can help him quickly get into certain areas enemies won't expect. The Grapple Line can attach to enemies, too, yanking them into punching/shotgun range. Pathfinder's Ultimate ability is a Grapple Line that the entire Squad can use.

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Overall, I think Pathfinder is going to be one of the more niche Legends in Apex. He isn't going to be incredibly popular, but those who take the time to learn how to use him are going to be a pretty valuable asset to their team.


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Wraith is an Interdimensional Skirmisher, capable of getting herself (and her team) out of tough spots, and in setting up the perfect flank.

Passively, Wraith gets a vocal warning when she's in the sights of an enemy. She can choose to warn her teammates with an on-screen prompt when this happens, too. Wraith's first active ability allows her to enter The Void, allowing her to avoid all damage for a short time. Wraith's Ultimate ability allows her to open a Dimensional Rift wherever she's standing, and link it to another location. These can be used by enemies too, so you'll need to position them carefully and keep a constant eye on them.

Wraith can be a huge benefit to your team when she's used wisely, with her ability to open up movement options and warn teammates of danger before it comes. But, a poor Wraith can also be a heavy liability.


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Bangalore is a Professional Soldier and is a pretty versatile Legend that most players will be able to use somewhat effectively.

Passively, Bangalore moves faster when she comes under fire. For players who have an up-close-and-personal style of play, this is a huge benefit. Bangalore's first active ability is a Smoke Canister that explodes into a smoke wall upon contact. This is a pretty easily understandable ability and can be a huge boon in the right hands. Bangalore's Ultimate ability is pretty similar to Gibraltar's; she calls in an Artillery Strike on a specific area that rolls through the landscape over time.

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Bangalore is going to be the most familiar Legend for players who aren't used to a game with character abilities, capable of helping them learn this style of game with some level of comfort.


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Caustic is a Toxic Trapper, capable of setting poison gas that damages enemies and clouds vision.

Passively, Caustic has the ability to see enemies through his gas, allowing himself to stay visually covered and damage an enemy with his gas, all while shooting them, too. Caustic's first active ability is a Nox Gas Trap, which once set up can be triggered by an enemy moving nearby or when the trap is shot. Caustic's Ultimate ability blankets a large area in his Nox Gas, which can be used to grant yourself visual cover or move an enemy out of their own cover.

Caustic is the ultimate area-of-denial Legend. His Nox Gas Traps can be used to gain some serious urban area control, allowing you to own a building with ease. With that said, his Gas can be used for some decent cover in more open areas, as well.


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Mirage is a Holographic Trickster, capable of tricking enemies into giving their position away or gaining the positional advantage with clever sleight-of-hand tactics.

Passively, Mirage automatically drops down a decoy and cloaks for five seconds when he's knocked down. This can buy you a little bit of time to crawl to safety. Mirage's first active ability sends out a holographic decoy of himself that, hopefully, draws enemy fire, giving you a clue as to where they are. Mirage's Ultimate ability releases a whole team of decoys, creating an incredibly confusing scenario for the enemy and giving your team a split seconds advantage.

Mirage's strength lies in creating overwhelming scenarios for enemies where they aren't exactly sure what to do. If you can create enough uncertainty in the enemy team... it can give yours a severe advantage.

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