Apex Legends Character Leak: Full Ability Breakdown

More information has surfaced surrounding the upcoming playable characters in Respawn's battle royale, Apex Legends. The most notorious source for leaked information on upcoming content is "That1MiningGuy" – a relatively unknown presence on the internet until he developed a reputation for correctly predicting what Respawn was going to release through datamining.

Lately, he's been at it again, sharing entirely new information regarding the abilities of brand new legends. Although the leaked details can't be fully trusted, we can at least get an idea of how these new characters will operate on the battlefield. Here's a breakdown of some of the top new finds.

Crypto The Surveillance Expert

First up to bat, we have what is presumably the next legend to be released – Crypto. The following are his leaked abilities:

Tactical Ability: "Surveillance Drone" - Deploy an Aerial Camera Drone / 10 second cooldown if destroyed / Max 200m distance traps.

Passive Ability: "Neurolink" - Crypto and his teammates see what his Surveillance Drone detects up to 30m distance.

Ultimate Ability: "Drone EMP" - Charge up an EMP blast from your drone. Deals Shield Damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

Via playstationlifestyle.net

Crypto seems to be designed to help his team sniff out loot and opponents, as both his tactical and passive suggest. Moreover, the EMP attack from his drone seems like it will give him some serious offensive capability. With the new meta favoring defensive Wattson play toward the late-game, Crypto could serve as a solid counter. Supposedly his drones can open doors, supply bins, and pick up dead teammates' banners as well, adding to the utility.

Blisk the Elite Mercenary

Blisk is a familiar face who comes directly from the Titanfall games as a fan-favorite. His abilities however, are a bit unclear.

Tactical Ability: "Throwing Knife" - Deals 20 damage and marks the target. Killing a marked target rewards double credits.

Passive Ability: "Interrogation" - Executing an enemy will reveal the location of their allies for 10 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: "Payday" - Squad kills award credits. Spend credits on powerful supplies.

Supposedly there is more to Blisk, with the term "Bounty Reward" coming into play in some manner, so everything is speculation at this point. Nevertheless, Blisk is shaping up to be highly offensive legend that will thrive on fragging out each game. If kills lead to credits that can purchase valuable items, he will enable the game to feel a bit more like the Call Of Duty entries – killing sprees may snowball fast.

Rampart The Base Of Fire

Tactical Ability: "Amped Cover" - Build cover that provides a damage boost to anyone standing behind it.

Passive Abilities: "Cover Fire" - Firing from cover overcharges your gun damage / "Fixer" - Swapping to melee equips a wrench you can use to repair structures / "Gunner" LMGs have increased magazine capacity and reload faster. Can pick up cover and move it.

Ultimate Ability: "My Friend Maxim" - Place a mounted machine gun that anyone in the squad can use. Uses Heavy Ammo.

Via dexerto.com

Taking a hard turn away from the offensive styles of Crypto and Blisk, Rampart (as his name implies) looks to be a legend that is build to hold ground. The current competitive scene sees a nice balance between offensive play through early/mid game and defensive play during the late game; if these are truly his abilities, we can expect Rampart to become increasingly powerful as the circle closes.

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Immortal The Shield Support

Tactical Abilities: "Shield Charger" - Unleash a cloud of nanites to charge your team's shields / "Shield Teardown" - Hit a target with a cloud of nanites to kill their shields for a short period of time.

Passive Ability: "Hard to Kill" - When you get downed you can revive yourself.

Ultimate Ability: "Rise of the Phoenix" - Restores your health and shields to full and gives nearby teammates 30 seconds of self-revive. Takes 8 seconds to charge.

In the same vein of Rampart, Immortal also seems to be a defensive character. That said, Immortal's abilities currently have more versatility than Rampart's, seeing that they don't fortify positions, but rather increase the general survivability of a squad – stationary or mobile.

Jericho The Frontline

Tactical Ability: "Ballistic Shield" - Activate a full-body shield that protects you from incoming fire.

Passive Ability: "On Your Six" - Your ballistic shield protects your back when you are not actively using it.

Ultimate Ability: "Shield-Breaker Javelins" - Throw two electrically-charged javelins that burns through enemy body shields.

Via ea.com

Jericho looks to be not only the hard-to-kill type, but a character with insane offensive potential. The passive and tactical revolve around fortifying the shields of the player, while the ultimate deals with busting the opponents' in turn. Jericho might just be the most well-rounded of the five legends.

These new characters all seem like exciting additions to the game and the leaked information on their abilities has players stirring. But the question remains – when will we get to play them?

Source: Reddit

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