Apex Legends Dev Tracker Promises A Charge Rifle Nerf

Apex Legends' new Charge Rifle is set for a nerf, with developers Respawn Entertainment confirming plans to balance things out following complaints over the weapon being too powerful.

The free-to-play battle royal is now in its third season and matches are now taking place in its novel World's End map.

Players, though, are finding precious wins harder to come by as a result of the new Charge Rifle introduced in the Season 3 update. The weapon's power has been a subject of debate for many players and complaints in the game's official subreddit have been rife.

While other guns in the game fire rounds of ammo, the new rifle administers a weak ray that explodes into a powerful beam capable of inflicting major damage. Given that it's a hitscan weapon, there's no travel speed and it will basically hit whoever is in the direction you point it at with its full force.

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It might be pretty fun if you're the one pulling the trigger, but players on the other end aren't so chuffed.

Some of the most popular streamers have discussed how it fits into the game as is. Shroud has pointed out a weakness as it relates to cover but describes the gun as "nasty."

“Jesus Christ, this thing is nasty, bro,” he said while trying it out on his stream. “It’s insanely good if they’re out in the open, but if there’s any cover at all, it’s really not that good… The only way to really do a lot of damage is to trace somebody for the full amount of time.”

An update to the Dev Tracker reveals that the Charge Rifle will be overhauled to make things more balanced for gamers.

“Current charge rifle balance is not where it should be,” Respawn developer Scriptacus said. “Changes incoming.”

The board does not say what the changes will be exactly, simply claiming that the weapon's balance isn't where it should be. They could decrease the output damage or put a maximum effective range on the beam as a way of nerfing it - we'll just have to wait and see.

There's no confirmed date for the change either but it could be here as early as Tuesday given the way Respawn's updates have gone live in the past.

Source: Apex Tracker

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