New Apex Legends Leaks Reveal New Character Crypto

Gamers at the Nashville, Tennessee GameStop conference seem to have gotten a sneak peek at some new unannounced Apex Legends content. They then, of course, promptly leaked it to Reddit. Among the new content is the first look at a brand new legend Crypto.

Compared to other legends in the game so far, Crypto seems relatively tame. He forgoes the gas masks, battle armor, and tactical gear of other legends, opting for what appears to be regular (if fashion-forward) streetwear and a normal pistol. That said, glimpses under his fashionable jacket reveal wires and high-tech equipment strapped to his body. Looks like his normal appearance may hide some interesting secrets.

Via: Youtube - Apex Legends

This is not the first time that Crypto has appeared. In the Apex Legends season two trailer, a similar-looking character appears to do some sort of hacking on a laptop. Data miners have also found information on Crypto in the game’s files, which lends credence to this leak.

One data miner, That1MiningGuy, mined what Crypto’s kit could be. His abilities seem to be the following:

  • Tactical: Aerial Drone – A surveillance drone named “Camera” that lasts for 40 seconds and has a 200 meter range. It can hack doors and loot bins and pick up teammates’ banners, but can also be destroyed.
  • Passive: Neuro Link – Crypto and his teammates can see what Camera detects, up to 30 meters away.
  • Ultimate: Weapon Drone EMP – Creates an EMP blast from Camera, which deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps in its radius.

It’s worth noting that the game’s files aren’t clear what “hacking” means, whether it means denying enemies access to doors and loot bins or rigging them as traps. And of course, these are all still in development, which means they’re likely to change.

Overall, it seems like Crypto is going to be a support-type character, who uses his drone to provide tactical information to his team and in some way hinder enemies by blocking their paths or denying them important gear. With the fact that he has to manage both himself and his drone, it looks like Crypto is going to be a legend with high strategic skill and a high payoff.

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