Respawn Says Apex Legends Daily PC Crash Rate Has Dropped By 'About 90%' Since Patch

Respawn Entertainment is insisting that its newest Apex Legends patch for PC has caused the daily crash rate to drop by 90 percent.

The studio's community manager, Jay Frechette, has posted a Reddit update, which highlights some of the changes made to the wildly popular battle royale and addresses a few player concerns.

Frechette noted that a fix went live for PC last week after the devs managed to identify the cause of the reported crashes and it is apparently all but completely fixed, as the crash rate has dropped significantly.

"Last week we dropped a small patch for PC. This patch included a fix for the biggest offender causing crashing on PC that we were able to identify thanks to all the apex_crash reports players sent to us," he wrote. "Since then, we’ve seen the daily crash rate on PC drop by about 90%."

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"This has been promising to see but we know we’re not out of the woods yet. We’ve been investigating the remaining causes for crashing we’re seeing and planning to add better communication from the game with error messages and tips to help players troubleshoot issues in the event of a PC crash in a future update.

"We are aware of reported crashes on consoles as well and will be including improvements to overall stability in an upcoming client patch. I can’t say specific dates yet but we’ll let you folks know when we can and will include patch notes for it," said Frechette.

Hitbox issues have also been the cause of complaints from players and Respawn has addressed this too, admitting that its investigations do point to a problem. It has made some minor improvements as it pertains to the server, but it is still looking for ways to cut down and has asked that players continue to share feedback.

Stability issues on Xbox One have been targetted as well, and a wee update has gone live this week as a means of making the experience a better one for Xbox players.

The developers have also confirmed that they are investigating a few audio issues, including the footsteps of nearby enemies being too soft, or even silent, in certain cases, audio distortion and audio dropouts.

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