Apex Legends Detail: Wattson's Facial Scar Is The Result Of An Electrical Injury

Apex Legends is gearing up for its second season, and there are a lot of changes coming to the game, including a brand new champion. Wattson, who was leaked months and months ago along with Octane, is the newest legend joining in on the Apex Games.

Wattson’s kit is heavily focused on the use of electricity. Her tactical ability essentially cuts off certain areas of the map by setting down electrical traps that shock her opponents, while her ultimate involves an electrical pylon that repairs shields, and interferes with enemy ordinance. Aside from that, her name is even Wattson, as in watts, which is a measurement of electricity. We see what you did there Respawn.

However, there’s an interesting detail about her that only eagle-eyed Apex fans have managed to catch.

As revealed by a user named ivanvzm on the Apex Legends subreddit, if you look at Wattson’s face, you’ll see she some rather unique scarring on her right cheek. That’s no normal scar, that’s a Lichtenberg scar, which is usually created from a heavy dose of electricity.

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A Lichtenberg scar is usually formed when a person is hit by lightning, and it usually takes the form of a feathery, or tree branch-like pattern. Considering Wattson's heavy reliance on electrical power to do damage, it would seem that somewhere along the line she had a significant accident that left her with a permanent, albeit rather cool reminder of that mistake.

Wattson was shown getting in on the Apex action during the launch trailer for season 2 of Apex Legends. As the character who helped her father design the Apex Arena's Modified Containment Ring, she's come to help fix the Arena's structural damage, but it looks like she's about to get swept up in the mayhem that's about to ensue. Leviathans and Flyers are invading the map thanks to an EMP wiping out the Repulsor Towers, which is rumored to be the work of Crypto, the next character who may be added to the game.

The second season of Apex Legends will begin on July 2nd, and Wattson will be among the new content to be released on that day. She'll be a separate purchase from the season pass, and will likely cost the same amount as Octane did when he made his debut back in March. Hopefully, she won't pick up any new scars from her time spent in King's Canyon.

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