Apex Legends: 10 Little Known Facts About The Shadow, Wraith

Many of the legends in Apex Legends have powers and abilities that are easily explained by the idea of futuristic technology and/or medical advancements. Wraith is one of the characters that goes fully in on the science fiction elements of the Titanfall universe and turns the dial to eleven. An animated short titled 'Voidwalker' exploring Wraith's time in a lab was recently released and provided more info on the mysterious stealth and traversal expert. Let's look at 10 little known facts about the shadow of Apex Legends, Wraith.

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10 Real Name

Wraith is one of the more mysterious characters as her life story isn't outwardly explained. Everyone knows that she was experimented on and has some crazy abilities. Little is known about her, but surprisingly a little bit about her life before she became a voidwalker came to light. Her real name is Renee Blasley, which is pretty vanilla and uninteresting. Renee isn't a name you hear too often but is usually associated with older women. It will be neat to see if more of her previous life unfolds in the future.

9 Her Voice

Shantel VanSanten is the woman responsible for giving Wraith a voice. VanSanten most recently has appeared as a recurring character in Amazon's hit superhero series The Boys and also had a role on the CW series The Flash.

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It seems that the world of superheroes comes naturally to VanSanten, so it's no surprise that she voices a hero of her own in Wraith. She's a perfect example of an actor looking nothing like their character, but doing an excellent job of giving it the perfect voice anyways.

8 No Memories

As you would expect for someone who was experimented on at length and came out the other side with extremely powerful abilities, Wraith has almost zero memories about her life before she entered experimentation. Since she doesn't remember anything from her childhood it's hard for people who enjoy the character to know anything about her. Luckily the new animated short provided additional information, and maybe Respawn Entertainment will do even more for her in the future.

7 Home-World

Wraith hails from a planet called Typhon. The name may sound familiar as it was the primary location for the single-player campaign of Titanfall 2. It was a research outpost planet and was subject to an attack by the Frontier Militia. If you're familiar with the events of Titanfall 2 then you know that Typhon doesn't have a happy ending. The planet is totally destroyed by the time the war is finished. Even if Wraith wanted to find the people from her past, it may now be logistically impossible.

6 Pilot?

Wraith has a Gen 10 symbol on the right side of her chest. This indicates one of two things about her and her past. It either means she was a pilot during the events of Frontier Militia war, or she simply took it off of one and added it to her suit.

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Since it is known that Wraith is from the same planet where the events of Titanfall 2 occurred there's a strong chance that she was in-fact a pilot and fought in the war. This would only add more layers to her story and means she may have been a prisoner of war that turned into a lab experiment.

5 Age

Wraith, you would assume, would be on the younger side of the competitors in King's Canyon as she was a lab experiment that escaped. Often in science fiction, these types of characters are younger. For Wraith though, she's actually 27 meaning that she sits right in the middle of her immature younger competitors and the older veterans looking to find some thrills in their golden years. Hopefully, for everyone around her, she doesn't end up developing a mid-life crisis in the next few years.

4 Experiment

Wraith may be a bit of a trope when it comes to the world of science fiction storytelling. She's the girl with no memories who was experimented on in a lab and now has incredible powers. This type of character most recently became popular as Eleven in the Netflix original show Stranger Things. The added dimension of Wraith being able to traverse this thing called the void and can hear voices makes her unique in her way. She may not be Eleven, but Wraith may save the world one day.

3 The Man Responsible

Imagine finding out that the man responsible for turning you into his weird science fair project died before you had a chance for revenge. This is what Wraith thought she was going through at first before finding out his supposed death was simply a cover-up to protect his own life.

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The lead scientist on the project that made Wraith a voidwalker was named Amer Singh, and she came face-to-face with him as she was trying to save her past self from those trying to sedate and hurt her.

2 Echoes Of The Void

In the recent short that was released which covered some of Wraith's time in the lab as an experiment it was revealed that the voices she hears are her own. It's not her subconscious calling out to her, but rather different versions of herself lending her advice from the void in which she can walk. It's as if versions of herself across all alternate realities are advising her and helping her survive. This is why she thought she was going crazy, but ultimately she learned to embrace the voices and use them to her advantage.

1 Best In The Game

According to a website that tracks stats across the entirety of Apex Legends concerning specific characters, Wraith is the best in several categories. She happens to have the best win rate, kill/death ratio, and a ton of other factors that showcase how powerful her abilities are. A character in a game is only as good as the person controlling them. These come down to either the best players in the game using Wraith as their main character or that her abilities are user-friendly to every skill level and give players an edge, only if slightly.

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