Apex Legends Fan Makes Full Rap Song Using Voice Clips From Lifeline

An Apex Legends fan called Xaro93 used in-game voice clips from Lifeline to come up with three verses and a hook and named it Mozambique 'ere.

Many gamers are still struggling to string a few kills together in Apex Legends, but others are really on a different level, more so the fan who came up with an ingenious rap featuring one of the game's more popular legends.

Yup! Apex's medic hero Lifeline has taken on a new persona as a rapper and even has a cool rap name, Lil LL. The folks over at Respawn probably wish they came up with the idea, but the fact is that they haven't. This is all courtesy of a fan who goes by the name Xaro93.

The track, called Mozambique 'ere, is much better than Soulja Boy's Green Diamonds Zelda rap and we wouldn't blame you if you thought it was an official release from the game's developers.

Xaro93 only uses in-game voice clips from Lifeline to come up with three verses and a hook that makes it seem like the character is being boastful about her ability to take someone out with a Mozambique, the game's weakest shotgun. To be fair, it could also pass as a diss track, but it's also full of encouragement as Lil LL keeps urging her enemies to "be better."

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Lifeline is actually voiced by voice actor and vocalist Mela Lee. And we doubt she saw this coming. She has caught wind of it, though, judging from a particular retweet from her Twitter account.

One might not have even realized just how much Lifeline says during gameplay and this must have taken lots of time to put together. It also seems like we can expect a tune from Caustic too, given the near silent teaser that's heard towards the very end of Mozambique 'ere.

As for the gun itself, it did not get an upgrade from Apex Legends' recent update, despite the cries. Respawn wants us to appreciate that some weapons are meant to be stronger/weaker than others, so the Mozambique remains the same, while the Wingman and Peacekeeper have actually been nerfed.

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