Apex Legends Fans Donate To Mozambique Cyclone Relief In Honor Of The Game's Worst Weapon

A Reddit user on the Apex Legends subreddit gave a call to arms to support relief efforts for Cyclone Idai in honor of the Mozambique pistol.

The Apex Legends community over on reddit have been using their love of Mozambique memes as a force for good, by donating to the relief effort for Mozambique, after the devastation of Cyclone Idai.

The cyclone made landfall late last week and its devastating effects are widespread across Mozambique, as well as the neighboring countries of Zimbabwe and Malawi. Several international organizations are currently fundraising to help bring aid to the affected areas.

The surge of support for their cause began when a reddit user, who goes by the name of RotoDAP, decided to raise some awareness of the plight of the country, whose name was the inspiration for the weapon Apex Players love to hate.

The Mozambique weapon is a legendary shotgun pistol, which has become infamous for its terribleness. It’s so bad that even Respawn have poked fun at it, most recently in a developer's reply on reddit, which says the current plans for the gun are to simply “keep enjoying the memes.”

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The reddit appeal nods to the gun's reputation as it says “I know we’re all fans of the Mozambique memes! Let’s use the power of this sub and reddit to make a difference! Mozambique was just hit with a deadly cyclone and needs our help. Please please donate to the International Committee of the Red Cross here!”

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RotoDAP's post, which has since been upvoted over 11.5 thousand times, has prompted an outpouring of love for Mozambique. Apex Legends players across the globe have been donating, sharing information about charities who are helping the relief effort and even making calls to Respawn to ask for their help.

Suggestions made include adding a purchasable Mozambique flag weapon skin, banner or other similar cosmetic to the game, with money raised going towards the relief effort.

The idea of the developers helping isn’t unheard of, after all Overwatch’s pink Mercy skin raised a phenomenal $12 million for the Breast Cancer Foundation. A similar campaign could be a huge boost to the relief effort.

Respawn has yet to reply but we know the developers frequent the reddit forums, so are likely aware of the campaign and no doubt proud of the community for their efforts.

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