Apex Legends Fans Tell Devs 'Give Us Something' As Plea For New Content & Fixes Intensifies

Apex Legends fans are losing patience as they await new content and bug fixes from Respawn Entertainment.

The battle royale, which launched in February and captured the intrigue of 50 million players in its first month, had just about everyone singing its praises. Three months and hardly any new content later, gamers are calling for Respawn to give some incentive.

Epic Games' Fortnite lost its foothold in the battle royale community shortly after Apex dropped, but the weekly updates and constant integration of new weapons, skins and events have seen it reclaim the top spot.

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Respawn, on the other hand, claims that they don't want to overwork their staff amid rife reports of a crunch and less-than-ideal working environments at multiple studios. And they are adamantly sticking to their original plan to release seasonal updates as opposed to weekly ones.

Players, though, aren't buying it.

There are significant sound problems in the game at the moment, something which was nonexistent upon launch. And gamers aren't looking to accept the devs' call for patience anymore.

“You ask us to be patient. We love the game and wanna see it succeed,” a player said in a Reddit discussion. “But you give us half *ss answers like, ‘We don’t wanna work our devs too hard.’ Like seriously, push a hot patch. Fix one bug. Give us something.”

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"Someone should compile all the times they said something like that and it specifically was not addressed a week later," another said. "I feel like it's a lot, but reddit search really sucks so it's hard to go back and find that stuff. I know for sure at one point they said the collision on dropping would be "in the patch next week" and then there wasn't a patch for 3 weeks, and it's still not in the f***ing game."

The game has lost significant viewing on Twitch and, now that the hype has died down, players are going back to playing Fortnite and PUBG. It is believed that the lack of urgency when it comes to the inclusion of new content is mostly responsible for Apex losing a section of its player base.

The lack of fixes, wonky servers and constant abuse from hackers have also been working against the game. But Respawn's latest announcement regarding the latter notes that nearly 1 million cheaters have been banned.

As far as that goes, it is a huge step in the right direction for the devs. But it wouldn't hurt to reconsider their strategy as it relates to giving players something fresh every now and again.

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