Apex Legends Is Getting A Stress-Free Firing Range This Season

Are you curious about trying a new Legend or piece of equipment in Apex Legends, but don't want to be pummelled mercilessly online in the process? Good news, everybody, your prayers have been answered.

We all know how it can feel to get stuck in a rut when it comes to online gaming. We all have our mains in fighters, for instance, but after many, many matches, lots of us hit our skill ceilings - that, or we just want to shake things up and try out a new character.

What usually happens when we hop online as an unfamiliar fighter or class, or simply with a different load-out? We often get crushed into sad, salty pieces. The issue is that matchmaking is often merely account-dependant, which means that you're thrown into the deep end with other players who are just as experienced as you are with your main character. Even if they could see your metaphorical "L" plates, would they go easy on you? Of course, they wouldn't: this is online gaming, after all.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gives each member of its huge, absurd roster their own individual GSP (Global Smash Power) ranking, allowing you to safely dabble in a character without really adversely affecting your standing overall. What Apex Legends players have wanted, meanwhile, is a training area that allows them to experiment with Legends and load-outs safely and constructively, which is exactly what they're getting, and soon.

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As VG247 reports, episode one of Respawn's Apex Devstream promised to deliver a generous and extensive practice area. Fans will have access to every weapon, armor, item, and Legend, switching at will and taking all the time they need to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of their chosen load-outs. You can do this all without the worry of angry Charge Rifle wielders relentlessly hunting you down.

Of course, it's only in real matches that players can truly master their favorite characters and combinations of gear, but this will be invaluable. There's no confirmed release date for this welcome update yet, but Respawn did mention that it will land in Season 3. Clearly, then, we don't have much longer to wait.

Source: VG247

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