Apex Legends’ Glitch Lets You Make Superweapons With Gibraltar’s Sticky Gun Shield

It turns out that Gibraltar isn’t so bad after all as his shield can be turned into a terrifying superweapon.

Gibraltar is, by and large, the least popular hero in Apex Legends. His gimmick of having a little shield to hide behind is seen as just that--a gimmick--while his other abilities are surpassed by pretty much every other character in the game. Combined with the fact his hitbox is something approaching the size of a kaiju, and you can see why players tend to avoid picking Gibraltar.

But that has changed recently thanks to an incredible innovation that is sweeping through Apex Legends. Gibraltar’s shield is actually not as useless as it looks, although it now is serving a purpose that the developers probably never intended.

Stuff sticks to Gibraltar’s shield.

What stuff? Let’s start with Caustic’s gas canisters. One canister might not be all that impressive, but stacking on a whole bunch of ‘em turns Gibraltar into a slightly phallic-shaped walking death machine.

An example of which can be seen here, courtesy of Reddit user BigAzz89.

But wait, there’s more. Pathfinder can stick his grappling hook to the tower of canisters to create a Pathfinder tetherball pole. Now, Pathfinder himself becomes a deadly weapon, like some oversized robot-powered mace.

We are still not done. Gibraltar’s shield plus Octane’s jump pad ultimate creates a hopping Gibraltar that can catapult himself skyward by looking down and pressing the jump button.

There is quite simply no stopping that giant, metal-clad man.

As cool and funny as these interactions are, we’re not sure how long they’ll be staying in the game. Respawn devs are certainly aware of the shenanigans players are pulling using Gibraltar’s shield, and while the response has been laughter and mirth, these tactics have a way of warping the game into something that it was never intended to be.

However, Apex players on Reddit are begging to keep this “feature” in. Working as intended or no, we’ll have to wait for the next patch to see what Respawn does.

(via Dexerto, Kotaku)


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