YouTuber Uses Gunshot Sounds From Apex Legends To Make Catchy Remix

Respawn's Apex Legends is turning out to be an avenue for the creation of hit tracks, as YouTuber Stolen Meme proves with their new remix.

Respawn's Apex Legends is turning out to be, not just a great game, but also an avenue for the creation of hit tracks.

Just last week, we reported that an Apex fan had created an entire rap song using voice clips from the game's support character, Lifeline. However, it appears that we'll likely have a full album by the end of the year since yet another fan has made a track based off of the game, using gunshot sounds to embellish a rockin' beat.

Gunshots can be quite the scary sound when you're playing the game, especially when they aren't coming from you or your teammates. Most of the time, they mean someone else has spotted you traipsing by or you're approaching a battle. Either way, the only gunshots you're ever really pleased to hear are your own.

This YouTuber, whose channel goes by the name Stolen Memes, though, has managed to make Apex Legends' gunfire sound amazingly pleasant, as he has mixed them into Intro's The XX with some expert timing.

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Take a listen below:

Pretty good, huh?

The creator, who also posted the video on Reddit, said that it took them six hours to make this, and we'd say that it was six hours well spent. The end is especially good.

As if playing Apex Legends wasn't enjoyable enough (even if you get killed way more than you kill anyone), there are clearly other ways in which you can enjoy the game too, like making cool rap tracks using gunshot sounds.

An even cooler fact is that there could be a follow-up track from the fan who made the rap featuring Lifeline boasting about her skills on the Mozambique, the game's weakest shotgun at that, as there seemed to be a bit of a teaser from Caustic nearing the end.

So, if we're lucky, there may be a huge selection of Apex Legends-inspired tracks by the game's first anniversary.

Meanwhile, the Apex Legends has been voted in as February's best title by PS4 players after attracting over 50 million gamers in its first month.

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