Apex Legends Hackers Have Their Friends Finish You Off So They Can't Be Reported

The Apex Legends community noticed a new tactic being used by cheaters, they let another player take the kill shot so the victim has no way to report.

Apex Legends hackers are leaving a squadmate to finish opponents off as a means of preventing other players from reporting them.

Respawn has been trying really hard to rid the game of cheaters and recently reported having banned 350,000 of those. There have also been reports of the developers slapping hardware bans on PC gamers, making it impossible to return to the game with a fresh account after having one struck off from the same computer.

Hackers, however, are trying just as hard to traipse through the map undetected as they look to dominate play via unfair means. And, according to a Reddit user, some of them are making it harder to get reported by having friends finish downed players off so the friend, who presumably isn't a hacker and is simply riding along as an accomplice, is the one who gets spectated and reported.

"Happened 5 times tonight, guy blitzes my entire team in 7 shots each, but has his friend get the last shot so that when you spectate you can only report the friend," MisunderstoodPenguin posted on the weekend. "We need to be able to rotate our spectator cam so that we can report the proper person.

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"I wanted to give some context since this post blew up, I'm playing in US, probably West coast server, and this was around 130 am."

Dealing with cheaters has possibly really soured Apex up for genuine players and popular streamer Shroud has stated that the threat of being overrun by hackers could destroy the game.

“That was my big concern when I talked to [Respawn Entertainment] about this game, ages ago,” he said during a stream on his Twitch channel (h/t Dexerto). “I was like, ‘if you don’t handle cheaters well, no report system will save you.’ …A report system is literally useless, [unless] you figure a way to get rid of them. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen, but it’s looking like it's going to happen.

“I'm telling you,” shroud said. “The cheaters are going to ruin this game. It’s so hard to fight cheaters, you can’t win.”

To be fair, though, Respawn is making a real effort to make Apex Legends cheater free and its banning of more than over a quarter of a million players is no small feat. The devs have also revealed that they're working on more improved methods to weed out cheaters and we're hoping they're effective enough.

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