Confirmed: Apex Legends Halloween Event Includes A Zombie-Slaying Mode In Kings Canyon

UPDATE: A blog post shared via the official Apex Legends Twitter account confirmed many of the details in this story.

In the post, game publisher Electronic Arts confirmed the Halloween event and shared additional details. It will run from Oct. 15 through Nov. 5 and will include several Fight or Fright cosmetics, including two legendary weapon skins, which are available to all players at no extra cost.

The blog post also confirmed the Lifeline Heirloom Set, which players are guaranteed to receive upon unlocking all 24 event-limited premium cosmetics. Players can obtain these cosmetics through direct purchase using Apex Coins, by using crafting materials or by purchasing event Apex Packs, each of which will include one event item and two non-event items. After the event ends, the Lifeline Heirloom Set will be available in Apex Packs as a random drop. The game guarantees one Heirloom Set every 500 Apex Packs as long as there is an available Heirloom Set in the game's cosmetics pool.


ORIGINAL STORY: Apex Legends players recently said goodbye to Kings Canyon, the home of the Apex Games since the game's launch in February of this year.

But it may not be a final farewell as there's speculation that players may see Kings Canyon again sooner than they think. A number of clues point to a forthcoming Halloween event, but recent leaks show it may be much different than anything in Apex Legends to date.

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Upon Season 3's recent launch, Apex Legends players were quick to point out a character badge for an in-game Fight or Fright event.

via: Daily Esports

Additionally, in late August, a Redditor revealed images showing a Gibraltar Halloween-themed skin. The poster said the photos were from a GameStop conference in Nashville.

Now, a dataminer who goes by Shrugtal claims to have uncovered even more information about what the event will entail ‚ÄĒ and it includes a trip back to Kings Canyon.

Called Shadowfall, it looks to be a mashup of Apex Legends Solos Mode combined with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Blackout's zombie enemies and Fortnite's Fortnitemares elements.

The game will start as a typical Solos Mode that takes place in Kings Canyon, though it will take place on a nighttime version of the game's original map.

Players who die emerge as zombies, according to the dataminer. These zombie players can move more quickly than their living opponents and can deal strong melee attacks.

When the final 10 non-zombie players remain, these living characters must then fend off the zombie players until an evacuation ship comes to the rescue.

In addition to facing off against one another, players will also have to defend themselves against zombies and spiders that spawn from loot containers throughout the world.

A character named Revenant will host the event, according to dataminer That1MiningGuy. Revenant may be a forthcoming playable legend in Apex Legends. As game developer Respawn teased new character Crypto in advance of Season 3, it's possible that players could see Revenant added to the character roster as soon as Season 4.

That1MiningGuy also revealed new skins for the event. It's unclear what, if anything, players will have to pay to access these skins, but the dataminer suggests the event will feature some mix of free and paid cosmetics. It may also include a Lifeline heirloom item tie-in.

Via: Respawn Entertainment / Twitter (Shrugtal)

As of yet, all rumors are unverified. But with Halloween right around the corner, players won't have to wait long to take advantage of the game's spooky surprises.

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