Apex Legends PC Cheaters Will Now Receive Permanent Hardware Ban

Apex Legends is cracking down on cheaters, as Respawn is now banning accounts and the PCs associated with them.

Since its launch on February 4, Apex Legends has garnered over 50 million players and has become one of the most popular games around. Voted as February's best game by PlayStation 4 users, the battle royale title has just about everyone's attention, including many who try to gain an unfair advantage in a bid to come out on top.

Over 50 million gamers have joined the Apex universe, so it's no surprise that there have been a lot of cheaters. Respawn, the game's developer, has since announced that it has banned over 350,000 players as a result of cheating and it is currently working on a system that will see many more cheaters caught.

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According to a report from Daily Esports, several cheating forums have seen posts regarding players getting both their accounts and PCs banned from ever playing the game again. It is also said that any other account linked to a banned PC will be flagged and shut down within 30 minutes.

This move has left many gamers angry, and not just at Respawn, but the websites that sold them the cheats. Cheats reportedly go from $60 to as much as $150, depending on the program, with certain websites promising players undetectable hacks. Because of this, no one's going to be happy to pay that much money to get the upper hand in a free game from which they will subsequently get kicked out.

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Though some of these hacks do get through Anti-Cheat software, many gamers have learned the hard way.

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Respawn is certainly trying its best to ensure that the playing field remains level for everyone. However, players are asking for more, with a recent Reddit post going around asking players to demand a region lock in China. Apparently, the Asian country is believed to be where most cheaters are located.

The developers, though, should still be applauded for their efforts, especially given that Fortnite's devs haven't been as active where the detection and banning of cheaters is concerned. To be fair, though, Epic has gone as far as taking legal action against such in the past but hacks still get through way too easily.

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