Apex Legends New Havoc Gun: Who Needs It, And Fire Modes Explained

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One major addition has already made its way to King’s Canyon: a new gun, fittingly named “Havoc.” The versatile weapon is a welcome addition to the battlefield for whichever character you favor, but certainly has its own quirks that players will need to keep in mind while using it. Wreak havoc against your opponents with our guide on how to most effectively use the rifle on your way to becoming an Apex Legends champion.

What Kind Of Gun Is It?

First things first, the Havoc is an assault rifle that uses Energy ammunition. A standard ammo clip will hold 25 rounds, while the reload time comes in at just over three seconds. The rarity of the weapon is really no different than any other gun; you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Because the Havoc is so versatile, it pairs well with the high-powered, lower ammo clip options of the Wingman and the Mozambique.

Most notably, the gun comes with two fire modes - Full-auto and Hitscan Beam - and is the only weapon in the game that can utilize two hop-ups, being the ever-important Turbocharger, as well as the Select Fire. Keep that in mind when scavenging for loot, since the Turbocharger reduces the gun’s spin-up time when in auto mode, saving you the heartbreak of missing out on downing an enemy while the gun charges up for a solid second before firing. Additionally, the Hitscan Beam mode - which switches the fire mode to a single charged shot - can only be used when a Select Fire is equipped.

What's It Good For?

The Havoc is definitely a high-powered weapon, but is surprisingly easy to control in terms of recoil. However, short to mid-range distances are recommended while in full-auto fire mode - creating a feel similar to the Devotion light machine gun. Hitscan Beam fire mode, on the other hand, is best suited for longer distances, creating a shooting experience similar to that of a sniper rifle like the Scout, or even a fresh take on the classic railgun from the Quake franchise.

While in full-auto mode, the recoil does tend to cause your aim to move straight up, but at a slower rate than most of the other assault rifles. If you are caught in the chaos of a short to mid-range firefight, your best bet is to fire at the high chest area, causing your aim to gradually move upwards for the finishing headshot. (Of course, most opponents don’t just stand perfectly still for you to aim directly at their chest, but you can adapt. You are a Legend, after all.)

The distance and fire mode considerations should not be taken lightly, as even EA notes that the “energy rifle joins the Hemlok as one of the arena’s highest damage-per-shot weapons in auto-fire mode.” Why waste your time and ammo for subpar damage?

In terms of defending yourself from rival Havoc fire, due to the impressive accuracy of the gun (when used properly), there’s really not much you can do other than zig-zag - or grapple - your way to cover.

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Overall, the Havoc’s addition to the game is a welcome one, and more importantly, a balanced one. The weapon takes a little bit to get used to - even longer if you are continually searching for the hop-up attachments - but once you get a feel for how it handles, the Havoc could quickly become your new favorite toy.

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