Apex Legends' Success Is Resuscitating Titanfall 2's Multiplayer

Titanfall 2 is working its way back to the forefront, albeit having been released in 2016.

For a title garnering zero anticipation ahead of its release, Respawn's Apex Legends is making a real mark.

The game, which puts players in squads of three before having them jump into a battle royale setting consisting of a total of 60 gamers, recorded over 10 million players in its first 72 hours. A week since the release, the developers have seen over 25 million users drop-in. The game also saw 2 million concurrent players bust their guns at one point.

Surely, they couldn't have imagined the game being this successful. Apex Legends has since pulled EA's stock back into the realms of relevance. But that's not all; it's also put Titanfall 2 back on the map.

For some reason, Titanfall 2 did not do as well as expected despite being a remarkable game. However, it's working its way back to the forefront, albeit having been released in 2016.

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A Redditor discovered that the game's concurrent players had breached the 10,000 mark this week, something that prompted TrueAchievements to run the first person shooter through their own Xbox gameplay statistics. Their findings were pretty similar.

via reddit.com
via trueachievements.com

The graph above shows the position of Titanfall 2 as it relates to its usage over the last few weeks. The title had been wallowing in mediocrity for a while, yet since the release of Apex Legends, things have changed. Titanfall 2 has risen to #37 in the top 100 XBOX games played since February 4, having previously maintained a position between 60 and 70 for a sustained period.

It's been pretty much the same for achievement unlocks. The number of unlocks per day since February 4 is already double January's daily average.

Of course, the drop in price likely helped. Plus, the game's die-hard fans have been urging other gamers to support the 2016 title, if they like the new free-to-play battle royale, and rightly so. Titanfall 2 is really, really good.

Hopefully, this will convince Respawn and EA to get to work on Titanfall 3. Respawn has confirmed that it won't be hitting the market this year, but they do have a new Titanfall game planned for 2019 that they're keeping mum about for now.

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