Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event Lets Players Get Sweet New Armor

As Apex Legends players eagerly await the game's Iron Crown Collection event, which kicks off tomorrow and will feature a limited time Solos mode, some newly-teased skins are giving players even more reason to be excited for the first major in-game update of the season.

Last week, the Respawn team announced the event via a video on the official Apex Legends Twitter profile page, following up with a blog post on Reddit.

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The first few seconds of the Apex Legends event teaser shows never-before-seen Bloodhound, Lifeline and Mirage skins. However, due to the quality of the video, it's difficult to make out the details of the Mirage and Lifeline skins. The Bangalore chainmail-style skin shown eight seconds into the video appears to be new as well, appearing alongside Season 2 Caustic and Octane skins.

Two days later, the Apex Legends Twitter account followed up with a video featuring a new Wraith skin. The brief clip shows the assassin morphing into a look that features the type of intricate gear one might imagine reserved for space royalty.

The tweet also includes some information that could be insightful to lore enthusiasts. It refers to the character not as Wraith but as "Redacted, First of Her Name, Protector of the Void." According to her Electronic Arts Apex Legends character page, Wraith has no memory of her life before waking up in an IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill. (IMC stands for the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, which is a warring faction in the Titanfall universe.)

Over the weekend, the team tweeted a Pathfinder skin, referring to it as "vanadium manganese boron armor." The skin gives the character a slick look vastly different than that shown in previous iterations. Redditors were quick to point out that the suit's chest plate may be dynamic in nature as it appears to change at different instances in the short video clip.

Today, the team provided a brief gif of the Pathfinder dropping from the sky.

Finally, a tweet from Xbox's official Twitter account, which was retweeted by the Apex Legends account, shows the Bloodhound skin in clearer detail. Named The Centurion, the design features tall, red feathers on the character's hat and shares a similar aesthetic to both the Wraith and Pathfinder skins.

Beyond the inclusion of a Solos mode, players have limited information as to what else to expect from the Iron Crown Collection event.

For instance, as of now, it's not clear whether players must own the Season 2 Battle Pass earn these skins, or whether they'll have to pay extra or use crafting materials for them. It's also possible that they're rewards open to all upon the completion of in-game challenges, similar to the free Bloodhound cosmetic reward during Season 1's The Legendary Hunt event.

But with so many new skins, the most likely scenario is that some will be available for purchase while others are granted as in-game rewards.

Respawn's revelation that it would have a temporary Apex Legends Solos mode came on the heels of an Electronic Arts earnings call report noting that a major forthcoming event would have "one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex."

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Should the event launch at the same time as most previous patches, players can expect to be able to update their games to include the new content at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET, allowing them to log in and play soon after.

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