Apex Legends Jump Guide: The Best Technique For Traveling Far While Dropping Quickly

Get a leg up on the competition by following this guide for getting to the ground as fast as possible, while covering as much distance as you can.

Generally speaking, one of the best ways to ensure initial survival in any battle royale game is to jump early and get to the ground as fast as you can in order to secure weapons and loot before your rivals. Apex Legends is no different, and thanks to the game’s “Jumpmaster” feature that allows for teams to jump as a single unit, ensuring your team’s survival is pretty much dependent on obtaining a lot of loot quickly. Get a leg up on the competition by following this Jumpmaster guide for getting your team to the ground as fast as you can, while - if necessary - covering as much distance as possible.

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Obviously, dive-bombing straight to the ground is the tried-and-true quickest method. But what if the dropship is not above an area that would provide adequate loot? You’ll need to angle your drop towards an area where weapons are more likely to be abundant. However, while a straight line might be the shortest distance between two points, in Apex Legends, a more zig-zagged fall route is more efficient for getting from your jump point to a far away landing spot.

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A Redditor by the name of TheBigSm0ke laid this theory out in a post which visualizes the jump in a graphic. The descent includes an initial vertical drop until the 145 speed mark, followed by a glide slowing down to a speed of roughly 130-135, repeating that process as many times as you need to get to your pinged location, finally ending in a vertical drop to the ground floor.

The Gamer tested this theory and can confirm that it works. The vertical fall speed allows for that momentum to be carried over into the leveled-out glide. Performing the two-step process a handful of times is enough to afford you a travel distance of well over 1,000 meters, though we found that momentum in the glide lasted long enough up to speeds as low as 120. The technique will probably take you a few rounds to get used to, but you’ll be happy with the results.

This tactic allows you to cover the most horizontal distance across the map, while still getting you to the ground relatively quickly. If you jump right away, it also gives your team plenty of separation from other teams who are falling diagonally for the duration of their jump, or those waiting to jump so they can fall vertically the entire time.

You, on the other hand, will have a head start in gearing up as you set off on your goal to become an Apex Legends champion.

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