What Map Changes Might Be Coming To Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon?

Thankfully, during the EA Play stream, we got a sense of the new content that's coming to Apex, including a new season, and Wattson, the newest Legend. However, that may not be the only new addition coming to the game. While it wasn’t outright discussed during the stream, it's been very strongly implied that big changes may be coming to Apex’s map.

The above image was one of the last things we saw before the Apex portion of the EA Play stream ended. It seems like some kind of kaiju may soon be invading Kings Canyon. We do know that along with Season 2, Apex also has an event called the Legendary Hunt. Judging by that title, it might be a sign that players are going to be pitted against whatever this thing is.

According to some online sleuths who have looked over every single detail of every single image of Apex Legends, in some of the promo art for Season 1, there is what looks like a giant antenna or radio tower that's been knocked over by Leviathans. These are apparently Repulsor Towers from the lore of Titanfall. Their job is to use high pitched frequencies to keep things like Leviathans away. With the Repulsor Tower down, it looks like these beasts are now free to roam around Kings Canyon as they please.

We can also see what looks like dragons flying around that giant creature's eye. However, many are pointing out that they look more like Flyers, which are also from Titanfall. Considering Titanfall and Apex Legends take place in the same universe, this could be the start of some major crossover between the two franchises.

Now, weird creatures aren't exactly a new thing in Apex. There are those giant Leviathans that hang out in the distance of Kings Canyon, but those were always pretty benign, perhaps even friendly looking. They’ve never attacked anyone before, but with the Repulsor Tower down, maybe they're about to get pretty angry. Although that eyeball does seem much larger than they are, so maybe it belongs to one to a bigger, meaner Mama Leviathan?

In fact, there is that hidden easter egg where collecting a bunch of plush dinosaurs will spawn a giant Leviathan out of the water. That might have been a hint of things to come.

There's also this data-mined image that showed up in a post on Apex's subreddit. It definitely looks like one of the dragons or Flyers, and it also looks like it either drops loot or explosives. Perhaps whoever's running things in Apex Legends rigged these guys to explode?

One of the more popular theories is that you may actually get to ride these creatures. Game Of Thrones' last season may have made the idea of riding dragons seem a little less cool than it was before, but getting to ride these bad boys, and rain bullets down on your enemies, still sounds pretty dang awesome.

So, what exactly will these monsters do? They could either be a new environmental hazard that might stampede the playing field at certain times, or they could reward you with loot if you manage to kill them.  There's a pretty good chance that you'll get extra charge towards your ult for killing them as well,  similar to the various A.I. controlled soldiers in Titanfall who would run around as cannon fodder.

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Regardless of what they're going to do, the introduction of new wildlife for you to either slaughter, or run away from is definitely something you don't usually see in other battle royale games. It shows a promising start of changes to the overall Apex experience. This is hopefully just the beginning of new additions to Kings Canyon, as a constantly changing, and evolving map is something that's helped Fortnite stay fresh after all this time.

The Legendary Hunt has actually already begun, so it's possible that the introduction of these beasts will happen during or after the event. If not, then it's likely that we'll see them when Season 2 launches on July 2nd. Either way, let's hope that we'll soon find out what kind of a mess these wacky dinosaurs are getting themselves into.

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