Apex Legends Leaks Confirmed: Octavio “Octane” Silva Has Passive Health Regen And A Speed Boost

The worst kept secret in the gaming world is finally out in the open. Octane is real, and he’s fabulous.

The Octane leak has been an ongoing story now for weeks, with each subsequent leak revealing more and more about the new Apex Legends champion. Now Respawn has officially unveiled their newest character and he’s every bit as wacky as we hoped he would be.

His full name is Octavio “Octane” Silva, and he’s a bit of a maniac. He’s a full on daredevil who blew his legs off during something called “a record breaking gauntlet speed run,” which probably involved a lot of running and murder. As a result he’s got metal legs, which probably gives him the ability to run around the map the way he does.

The leaks look like they were dead on when it comes to his abilities. He’s got Adrenaline Junkie, which is the move that allows him to run faster in exchange for some of his health. His Stim ability is also there, which gives him a passive healing bonus. Meaning you could sacrifice some health for speed, and as long as you don’t take any more damage you could easily regenerate that health back.

Then of course there’s his ultimate which is the Launch Pad, which allows him and presumably anyone jump high into the air for some truly radical stunts. The jump (or Launch) pads had recently just started showing up in the game leading many to wonder if it’s a hint or a sign that Octane was coming. Looks like that was indeed the case.

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The Octane reveal came at the same time as the reveal of the Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass. With the pass you can earn new skins, stat trackers, and Apex Packs (the game’s version of loot boxes). There are also additional rewards like XP boosts and additional banner frames. The good news is that you can purchase the Battle Pass using in game currency. The bad news is that Octane himself will not be part of the pass and will need to be purchased separately.

It’s interesting to note that since this leak turned out to be almost right on the money, there is the additional leak which revealed there are in fact several more potential champions coming to Apex Legends. If the Octane leak is real, can we expect to see characters like Crypto, Jericho and Skunner soon as well?

The Battle Pass for Season 1 as well as Octane himself will drop on March 19 (which is also the same day Baptiste arrives in Overwatch. Interesting coincidence). If you’re playing Apex then, get ready to see a lot of metal legged lunatics launching into the sky.

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